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Opposition Moon – Pluto

The opposition of the Moon and Pluto in the birth chart will tell about the struggle of contradictions within the person himself. Since Pluto, which is a conflict planet, participates in this tense configuration, wrestling qualities are clearly manifested in the character of the subject.

The moon , which is responsible for the internal state of the native, under the influence of the impulsive and energetic Pluto, becomes less secretive and immersed in itself. The owner of the aspect is not shy about showing his emotions, both positive and negative. He openly informs the whole world about his most intimate experiences, and such behavior often brings the subject, albeit scandalous, but glory.

Opposition Moon - Pluto

The influence of the opposition on the character and behavior of a person

A person with the aspect of opposition of the Moon and Pluto has a strong character, charisma, high ambitions and well-expressed leadership qualities. He loves to be in public, talk about his achievements and share the joys of life, but sometimes it seems to others that this person is too much.

In addition, if the owner of the aspect is in a bad mood, then his irritation, discontent, anger and indignation immediately become common property. Such people certainly want others to share their emotions and emotional impulses.

In his home, such a person is used to deciding everything at his own discretion. Households consider him a dictator and a tyrant, but in reality it turns out that everything in the family rests on the owner of the aspect. The native knows how to act independently, to control the processes around him, to hand out assignments and to inspire others for a common cause.

Opposition Moon – Pluto in Natal Men

If there is this configuration in a man's birth chart, then this will tell about the authoritarian character, jealousy and possessive tendencies that he demonstrates in relationships with the opposite sex. It is interesting that he comes across as partners strong-willed, decisive and self-willed women, and in a union, thus, a situation of competition and struggle arises.

In order for a relationship to develop successfully, open pressure and dictatorship must be avoided. It is desirable that the spheres of activity and responsibilities of such partners do not overlap. This is the only way each of them can feel their importance and leading position.

Opposition Moon – Pluto in natal women

A woman with this aspect has a strong will, an ambitious character and natural magnetism, which attracts fans to her.

It is important for the mistress of the horoscope to be the first in everything and to win success in all areas of life available to her. Despite the fact that her complex nature prevents her from building harmonious relationships with partners (both marriage and business), she still goes ahead to her success and, as a rule, achieves her goal, becoming popular, loved and in demand.

Opposition Moon – Pluto in the children's horoscope

A child, in whose natal chart there is an opposition of the Moon and Pluto, will amaze adults with his independence, assertiveness and energy. There is no need to put sticks in his wheels, especially since the baby is confident in his desires and knows how to solve the problem. And only stuffed bumps and broken knees will tell such a child that sometimes it would be nice to listen to the advice and warnings of more knowledgeable and experienced people.

Adults need to make it clear to the little owner of the aspect that they are worthy leaders and their decisions can be trusted. So trust in parents will come, a desire to imitate them, and at an older age – the need to achieve no less significant success and heights in life than theirs.

Moon and Pluto in different signs of the zodiac

An interesting astrological combination is the opposition formed by the Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio. Both luminaries here are strong in quality, and therefore the native has all the prerequisites for success in material and financial affairs. Despite the somewhat authoritarian and harsh character of the owner of the horoscope, he has every chance to create a strong family. There will be prosperity, comfort and prosperity in his house.

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