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Opposition Moon – Saturn

Opposition is an aspect of contradiction. If there is a configuration of the opposition of the Moon and Saturn in the horoscope , then the personality develops, making efforts to overcome difficult life situations. The opposition of the two planets contains a double contradiction, since the astrological images of these luminaries are fundamentally opposite.

The moon is associated with softness, pliability, high sensitivity and variability, and Saturn is the planet of resilience and severity. Coldness and alienation emanate from her, while the lunar energies are the energies of care and concern.

Since Saturn is a malevolent planet, the Moon, in the event of opposition, is under his yoke. This does not in the best way affect the native's health, forcing him to periodically struggle with bouts of melancholy, apathy and poor health.

Opposition Moon - Saturn

The influence of opposition on a person's character

The owner of the opposition of Saturn and the Moon sometimes makes a gloomy and unfriendly impression on people. It is really very difficult for him to reveal the positive facets of his character. Closure, shyness, clumsiness and self-doubt hinder the native's social success.

Such a person will think several times before taking the plunge. These super-cautious people are frightened by the unknown and any unfamiliar environment. In everyday life, they get used to overcoming problems, but the expectation of another trouble or their own oversight (unlocked front door, unplugged gas in the kitchen, etc.) leads to the appearance of phobias and panic states.

Overcoming the negative properties of this aspect endows its owner with patience, life wisdom, perseverance and spiritual depth.

Opposition Moon – Saturn in the radix of a man

This aspect in a man's birth chart indicates problems in marriage or its conclusion at a fairly mature age and for material reasons. The spouse can be too strict, stingy with emotions and tough.

The main difficulties in a couple can be a lack of flexibility in relationships, a desire to control, educate each other and impose their values. Such partners are nevertheless brought together by common affairs and jointly overcome problems.

Opposition Moon – Saturn in the woman's radix

Relationships with parents, older relatives and children are not easy for the owner of the aspect. She gets used to moralizing, moralizing and strict control in the parental family and, over time, carries this type of relationship into her own personal life.

The owner of the horoscope has a pedagogical talent and responsibly fulfills the role of wife and mother. At the same time, she does not consider motherhood to be her only vocation and, as a rule, has time to make a career.

Opposition Moon – Saturn in the children's horoscope

For children with this aspect, parental care and support is very important. Adults should help the child to believe in himself, overcome natural shyness and inner fears (for example, fear of the dark, tightness when communicating with strangers, etc.).

Learning can be difficult due to the slowness and poor health of such children. However, attention to detail, accuracy, thoughtfulness and diligence help them achieve success.

Moon and Saturn in different signs of the zodiac

The tense aspect of Saturn and the Moon is a rather problematic configuration in the horoscope, but if these luminaries in the horoscope are strong (for example, the Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn), then the native can turn negative situations in a positive direction.

A subject with this aspect can successfully solve material, everyday issues and property issues. Some strictness of character will help him maintain order in the family and discipline in the work collective.

Lilia Garipova


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