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Opposition Moon – Venus

The opposition of the Moon and Venus is a disharmonious aspect, but since in this case it combines the influences of the good planet Venus and the neutral luminary of the Moon , the harm from this constellation in the horoscope is not so pronounced.

Moon and Venus symbolize the human desire for comfort, convenience, entertainment and pleasure. The tense aspect between the planets can indicate an excessive fascination with earthly joys, and sometimes even indolence and laziness. A person with this aspect may be too soft, affable and compliant where it is necessary to show rigidity and strong-willed pressure.

Opposition Moon - Venus

Aspect and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

Aspect holders have an image of creative, peaceful and diplomatic people. They are welcoming, kind-hearted, charming and have good taste, which makes them attractive in the eyes of other people.

They often see flaws in their appearance and the appearance of those around them and try with all their might to correct them. Thanks to these efforts, people with this aspect often achieve perfection in artistic images, but after some time they want to redo what they have created in order to get one step closer to the ideal.

In order to feel comfortable, it is desirable for the owner of the aspect to find some kind of creative hobby for himself. This can be music, painting, writing lyric poems, cooking and much more. If this opposition is related to the business and financial houses of the horoscope, then the native can become a consultant, designer, fashion designer, pastry chef.

A native should avoid laziness and superficiality in business. If you hope for easy success and the friendly patronage of others, then little can be achieved in life. Your health will be negatively affected by a sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of desserts, fatty and high-calorie foods.

Opposition of the Moon and Venus in the male horoscope

The intense interaction of the significators of marriage in a man's horoscope is an indication of recurring problems in his personal life. The fact is that he is attracted to women with opposite qualities. The characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, in which the Moon and Venus fall, will describe two diametrically opposite female images, between which the native is torn.

In any case, he prefers feminine, benevolent and caring women of the opposite sex.    

Opposition of the Moon and Venus in the female horoscope

In a woman's radix, this aspect will indicate her difficult relationship with her mother and friends. Communication with them is very close, but the owner of the horoscope sometimes wants to improve relationships, make them more trusting and sincere. Often comes the realization that confrontation and rivalry are hidden behind external friendliness and politeness in a relationship.

Opposition of the Moon and Venus in the child's horoscope

Children with this configuration in the horoscope need to be provided with a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is strictly forbidden to overfeed the child and pamper him with sweets.

The development of the child's talents will be facilitated by attending creative circles, and regular physical education will help to avoid problems with excess weight.

Planets in different signs of the zodiac

Most often, the opposition connects the planets located in diametrically opposite signs of the zodiac. This is a tense aspect, but if at least one of the planets has essential power, then the native can achieve significant success in one of the areas of life affected by the opposition.

So, for example, the aspect formed by the strong Moon in Cancer and Venus in Capricorn will help a person in family matters and in his personal life (the latter especially applies to men). If the owner of the horoscope is a woman, then despite her love for work and some restraint in the manifestation of feelings (the influence of earthly Venus), she will become a caring wife and a good mother to her children.

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