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Opposition Mercury – Mars

Opposition is a negative aspect, meaning contradictions and conflicts in the life of the owner of the horoscope. The harmfulness of an aspect is enhanced if it is formed with the participation of the planet-aggressor Mars.

Mars attacks the planet Mercury, which is responsible for thinking, speaking and communication. It follows from this that many of the difficulties in the native's life will be associated with the themes of study, education and travel. In any intellectual activity and during business activity, the subject may stumble upon conflicts and negative circumstances that will provoke him and stimulate him to overcome troubles that impede success.

Since Mercury symbolizes thought and word, the ideas of the owner of this tense aspect will not always be perceived as friendly by the crowd. Quarrels, disputes, heated discussions and criticism – you need to be ready for all this. The native should not show incontinence and succumb to provocations.

Aspect and intellectual features of native

If a person has the aspect in question in the natal chart, then he is distinguished by quick reaction, sharp mind, decisiveness and resourcefulness. The owner of the horoscope is sometimes harsh in circulation, does not hesitate in expressions and does not go into his pocket for a word.

The native is impatient and does not like people who are delayed in making a decision and avoid answering. In this case, the owner of the horoscope does not stand on ceremony, but tries to get the data he needs by applying force and pressure. At a crucial moment, the owners of the aspect know how to act quickly. They tell the opponent head on what they think of him, and sometimes show rudeness.

The Aspect Owner's virtues include discernment, enterprise, and good business acumen. Thanks to these qualities, he can achieve success in production, business and research activities.   

Opposition of the planets in the male horoscope

Mars in the horoscope will describe a man, his character and style of behavior. The tense aspect with Mercury will tell about his restless nature, harshness, inconsistency and the habit of doing several things at the same time.

Such a person is prone to criticism of others and is often incapable of compromises. He needs to avoid obscene expressions, open confrontations with others, and also learn to behave more diplomatically and constructively.

Opposition of the planets in the female horoscope

Mars in the female birth chart will tell you about the type of men who are attracted to the owner of the horoscope. A tense aspect with Mercury indicates a partner that is unreliable, quarrelsome, overly critical and verbose.

In relationships, conflicts and quarrels should be avoided. Frequent joint trips, relocations and unfavorable coincidences of circumstances that require active action by partners are possible.

Opposition of planets in children's horoscope

A child with this aspect is lively, active and restless. It is necessary to engage such children with suitable intellectual activities so that they do not waste their energy on pranks and trifles. They can achieve the greatest success in the study of chemistry, physics and foreign languages.

Children with this aspect need to be taught safety and proper behavior on the road. It is worth giving preference to physical exercises that train dexterity and flexibility. These skills will help protect you from injury and allow you to respond correctly in dangerous situations.

Planets and signs of the zodiac

Opposition is a difficult aspect, but if at least one of the planets that form it is strong in quality, then the native can achieve success in certain areas of life.

So, for example, the opposition between strong Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Pisces endows the subject with rationalism, practicality and good business acumen. If the planets are related to the financial and business houses of the horoscope, then the native can become successful in the field of health care, finance, technology and entrepreneurship.

Lilia Garipova


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