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Opposition Mercury – Uranus

Opposition is a tense aspect, symbolizing the struggle of extremes. However, when the planets forming a given configuration have a number of common qualities, then in this case they say that the opposites converge.

Mercury is the planet of reason and intellect, and Uranus is called the highest manifestation (highest octave) of Mercury. By combining their influences, these luminaries give rise to an independent mind, originality and ingenuity of the owner of the horoscope.

And yet, the tension of this aspect is transmitted to the subject, and it is aggravated by the fact that Uranus is an evil star. This is the planet of revolutions, surprises and freethinking. In the character of the native, such qualities as irritability, nervousness, imbalance and a tendency to radical decisions are manifested.

And yet, thanks to the influence of Uranus, the native gets the opportunity to look into the future. His thoughts are about the prospects for his development, about the progress of mankind and the inevitable changes in society.

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

The owner of this aspect is a real free-thinker and rebel. Even if he does not express his views openly, his unusual reactions and uneven behavior betray the full scale of his revolutionary plans. A person with this aspect receives new ideas in the form of insights. Much in life becomes clear at this moment, and the subject transforms the existing reality without any regrets. The native believes that the old has outlived its usefulness, and though the changes are painful, they should clear the way for the new.

A person with this aspect will not assent to authorities and superiors, even if his future depends on it. He always opposes the generally accepted opinion with his own, while not imposing his views on anyone.

Such people are most often considered smart, but in this case, a high level of intelligence does not guarantee the availability of diplomas and certificates. The native is so freedom-loving that it is difficult for him to study what he is not interested in. If studying at school or at the university seems boring, then, accordingly, there can be no talk of any high grades and points.

In any educational material, the owner of the aspect can detect inconsistencies, errors and lack of logic. Criticism of famous authors and refutation of teachers' positions cause tension in the native's environment, and as a result, he risks becoming a renegade and a lone fighter, deprived of the support of relatives, friends and like-minded people.

It is only thanks to brilliant intellectual abilities and outstanding talents that it is possible to retain positions in school and at work. The owner of the aspect can realize his inclinations in inventive and scientific activities. It can make a good space scientist, programmer, engineer, etc. The subject will be interested in any work requiring the study of social trends and interaction with people (psychology, sociology, etc.).

Opposition Mercury – Uranus in natal child

A child with this opposition is curious, restless and does not like to study what he does not want. It is important for adults to be able to interest the child in subjects, and not force him to study against his will.

Parents also need to make sure that their child does not spend all his free time at the computer and educational television programs. Regular physical education will increase stress resistance and relieve nervous overstrain.

Mercury and Uranus in some zodiac signs

In order to find out the sphere of interests of the owner of the aspect in question, you need to see in which signs Mercury and Uranus stand.

For example, if Mercury is located in Taurus, and Uranus is in Scorpio, then a person will be attracted by the topic of finance and economics. This configuration will allow the native to find an original way out of material problems. Creative people will create unusual works both in the field of applied art and in the field of literature.

Lilia Garipova


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