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Opposition Pluto – MC (Midheaven). As the Steel Was Tempered

The tense aspect between Midheaven and Pluto requires finding a balance between exorbitant ambition and a reluctance to draw attention to your love life. It haunts the native. He longs for recognition of his merits, but hates to be under the microscope of public attention, to advertise addictions and hobbies, in part out of fear of criticism and ridicule. Such a contradiction prevents him from making a career.

Pluto loves to immerse his charges in the furnace of trials and shocks. This will have to be accepted and experienced, consoled by the fact that later painful events will serve for the good, tempering the character to steel strength. Updates through stressful experiences are especially common with watermark representatives on the Ascendant. The process is repeated until the correct conclusions are reached.

The dangers of Pluto-MS opposition

When the owner of the aspect knows in advance that he is destined to go through a series of failures, he is mentally ready to overcome them for the sake of the coveted prize in the future. Trine with Jupiter or the Great Trine in the natal chart, which includes the planet of happiness, softens the situation . If negative arrows are directed at Pluto, you will have to fight with your teeth clenched, and most often with your own complexes and lust for power.

Sometimes the carriers of the opposition do not understand where fears, overwhelming aggression and even cruelty come from in matters related to self-affirmation and professional success. The fact is that the aspect shows a close connection with the ancestral programs of the ancestors that need to be healed in this life. Most often, great-grandfathers had a tragic fate associated with the impossibility of realizing their talents. This was hindered by the state system or by enemies in power. At the subconscious level, a person experiences severe stress when faced with pressure from authorities. The sooner he can gain financial independence, the easier it is for him to fulfill his calling.

Awareness of the nuances of the influence of the Pluto-MS opposition will help to manage personal power:

  • feeling like on the other side of society, inability to join a team or change oneself in order to please and meet expectations, although this will have to be done;
  • pride, ambition, dislike for affectionate words, especially when friends try to call them a diminutive or give a nickname;
  • envy of the favorites of fortune and at the same time suffering from the understanding of one’s dissimilarity from the easy-going, lucky and popular;
  • the need for your own corner, and preferably a room or house where you can retire and be yourself, surrounded by things and books dear to your heart;
  • double life: in public and secret, only for oneself, for example, on the Internet in forums or chats, in role-playing games, where the native reveals himself with true desires, when the face is hidden by a mask of an image or incognito;
  • interest in black magic, NLP, energy practices, with the help of which it will be possible to influence people and change the background of events.

Opposition carriers show great interest in the themes of death and healing, but with a high level of spirituality, they can become famous through changing people’s attitudes towards forbidden areas, making sensational discoveries.

Personal relationships

Men and women with this aspect make their careers in spite of family resistance. Even in childhood, they realized that the place of residence resembles an arena of battles. It could be conflicts and quarrels, moral and physical violence, or parental dictatorship. In any case, what was happening required them to gather their will into a fist, to show the secret deep forces of their souls. In many ways, these events predetermined the desire to become a representative of power, immensely rich and powerful, so as not to let anyone hurt.

That is why the owners of the Pluto-MS opposition do not like to work in subordinate positions. Like representatives of quadrature, they tolerate the boss, secretly dreaming of taking his place. But if the square encourages action, the opposition gives a deep complex. A native can imagine all his life how he is overthrowing a leader or becoming the main one, but the fear of not coping, unwillingness to leave the comfort zone, do not allow him to show decisiveness. Powerful personalities are chosen as spouses, with whom they then fight for independence.

Elaboration of opposition Pluto – MC

The roots of all problems and phobias go back to the early years of childhood. It is impossible to reach the desired heights and satisfy ambitions without working them out with a psychologist. One of the parents will always act like an obsession and broadcast an image that cannot be resisted, especially if it is associated with crime or magic. Therefore, most often, astrologers recommend to gain financial independence as soon as possible and leave the father’s house.

It is important to draw up a relocation horoscope and choose a place of residence where Pluto’s position will be harmonious. Of the professions, service in law enforcement agencies, work in metallurgy, coal and military industries, jewelry and mechanical engineering are shown.

The desire to learn the secrets of life and death will find a worthy application in medicine, scientific and chemical research.

The best way to relieve tension is in literary creation, through the image of a lyrical hero, living the need to experience pain, playing music and sports.

It is recommended to wear volcanic glass, lava stone, and obsidian as talismans.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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