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Opposition Saturn – MC (Midheaven). the importance of Being Earnest

The opposition of the participants of the aspect in opposition is more easily tolerated than with a square, but not in the case of evil planets or the lord of karma – Saturn . It makes fatalism element, pessimism and obstacles in the sphere of influence Meridian sky Mid . It is important to choose a profession along the 10th house line , taking into account the zodiac sign of that area, otherwise it is impossible to solve karmic tasks, which automatically increases difficulties and obstacles on the way to the goal.

A person with opposition Saturn – MC is a loner. Striving for the perfect result creates a fear of trust and delegation. “No one can handle this better than me,” is the native’s motto, which is partly justified by brilliant achievements in vocation, but repels potential friends, leads to a nervous breakdown and chronic illness in old age.

Dangers of opposition Saturn – MC

Life is hard, and you need to work hard to ensure yourself a comfortable existence. Almost all carriers of the aspect firmly believe that miracles do not happen, especially if the Ascendant , the 5th and 8th houses in the signs of Capricorn and Virgo. This gives an advantage over less serious peers: the opposition wards start working early, study financial instruments, plan their time well. They pass exams perfectly if they see the point in it. Sometimes earning on the side is more important to them than grades.

A gloomy philosophy generates many emotional prohibitions: I will not marry or marry until I earn an apartment, I don’t spend money on entertainment or new shoes, I’d better deposit it into a bank account. If a person is religious, then later any purchases or pleasures will cause a feeling of sinfulness, which means nervous disorders and psychosomatics of diseases.

The complex nature of the Saturn – MC opposition carriers excludes confidential conversations heart to heart with friends and family, so they accumulate negativity, which at the most important moment in life destroys happy opportunities. It is necessary to carefully study all the nuances of the influence of the aspect:

  • childhood is complicated by a heavy responsibility to one of the parents, adolescence – by self-restraint, a habit of discipline and being content with little;
  • admiration for successful people, for the sake of career achievements, they forget about their true desires and feelings;
  • emotions are blocked, a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, dissimilarity, which leads to both isolation and confidence in being chosen;
  • the need for emotional support and recognition from the outside to start acting;
  • seriousness, responsibility, suspiciousness, sarcasticity, sarcastic humor;
  • dependence on favorite things and familiar surroundings, inability to work effectively in a new place or in someone else’s office;
  • social anxiety, fear of competition, feelings of inferiority, impostor syndrome.

If there is stellium in the 10th house , or there is a harmonious influence of strong planets, the native tries to compensate for anxieties and complexes with a saturated social life, running away from internal experiences. All you need is to look inside yourself and accept your personality with flaws and virtues.

Personal relationships

The opposition assumes a difficult relationship with the mother, early separation from the father. It is likely that the native is raised by his grandmother, in strict rules that do not correspond to modern realities. With additional negative aspects, it is possible that the owner of the horoscope is forced to take care of the guardian, limiting himself in ordinary joys. Hence the difficulties in communicating with peers and lack of self-confidence as a partner.

Men and women with opposition Saturn – MC go through difficult emotional trials before finding happiness in marriage. Most often this happens after 29 years. Then there is a chance to loudly declare yourself in your career. Until this age, it is important to accept your past, get rid of resentment, envy and anger at more successful rivals.

Under the influence of Saturn, the carriers of the aspect bloom late, but their chosen ones receive a companion with a person who knows the value of happiness and has a solid material base. It should be remembered that the native is very neat, loves cleanliness and order in the house.

Elaboration of opposition Saturn – MC

To stabilize the disharmony that arises in life under the influence of the aspect, it is important from an early youth to find people who are able to provide warm emotional support in difficult situations. The native will have many problems. He will overcome them only on condition of a friendly shoulder by his side and inspiring words at the right time. Horoscope holders do not openly admit that they need more emotional interest from loved ones than anyone else. It is especially difficult if the Moon, Venus and Mars are still in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

It is important to form your personal and work space according to Saturnian taste: a minimum of furniture and perfect cleanliness. This will free your mind and focus on meaningful goals. The abundance of small things puts pressure on the native. It is preferable to surround yourself with objects that evoke an emotional response. Relaxing procedures with stones are shown: stone therapy, hammam, relaxation on pebble beaches. It is useful to go to the mountains and explore the caves.

Self-confidence will be enhanced by properly selected jewelry with natural minerals: hawk eye, kyanite, sodalite, fluorite, old dark blue turquoise .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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