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Opposition Ascending (Descending) node – Ascendant: who is the boss in the house

Usually in astrology, aspects are considered with planets or fictitious points, which are the lunar nodes , which form the karmic axis of development. However, the Ascendant as an Rising sign of birth is a special matter. Here is a broader context that also affects the Descendant, that is, the nodes are opposite each other opposite the 1st and 7th houses. If the Ascendant is in opposition to the Ascending (North) Node, then next to it, at the point that defines 1 house, there is a Descending (South) Node and vice versa.

This axis highlights the themes of partnerships, both love and marriage, as well as joint business, friendship, enmity, self-determination and acceptance of one’s place in life. It is very important to choose the right tactics of behavior and self-positioning in society, set by the Ascendant, because the successful or unsuccessful strategy of actions depends on the position of the nodes.

Ascendant Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

As a rule, karmic astrology considers the North Node as an inclusion in the flow of energy, and the South as an exception to it. This is due to the fact that a certain experience was fully lived in a past life and now it is necessary to move on, or even in the opposite direction if many mistakes were made. However, the skills and talents developed in the previous incarnation can be relied upon as one aspires to the new and unfamiliar realm of the Ascending (North) Node.

The native can easily understand whether he should correct mistakes or jump straight to the next stage. If there were relationship problems in the family: loneliness, divorces, early deaths of spouses, betrayals and betrayals, you definitely need to explore the nuances of the house and the sign of the Descendant, where the South Node stands in opposition to the Ascendant, and, accordingly, to its Northern counterpart.

If you dissolve into a partner and put personal relationships and the interests of others in any partnership above yourself, bending and trying to be good, then a person will not move anywhere and will not succeed. How important social success is, the sign of the Ascendant will show. If he is in Capricorn and fire signs, then it is important for the native to be in demand in society, but at the same time, the South Node pulls, for example, into the energy of Cancer, into the family, dependence on a strong partner, a cozy shell of comfort. This gap must first be glued together in your head.

If, on the contrary, there is an opposition of the Ascendant with the North Node, when the South is in the 1st house, the person is initially an egoist who seeks to transfer the experience of the past, where he was the sole owner of a marriage partner or a common business, to the present. But now his karmic task is to learn the symbiosis of mutually beneficial cooperation and bring his experience as a leader in tandem. You will have to take into account the interests of other people, or forget about success in society.

Harmonizing Opposition of the Ascendant with the Descending Node

In this case, the Ascending Node is connected to the Ascendant, and the Descending (South) Node is on the Descendant (in the 7th house). A person always has some problems with a partner.

Most often, not those who like him fall in love with him, or the spouse, girlfriend, colleague does not correspond to the ideas of the native himself about ideal prototypes for marriage, friendship, partnership.

The owner of the horoscope is forced to agree to relationships that do not suit or do not satisfy to the end, so as not to be left alone at all.

This is especially true in marriage. Such people choose for a long time, sort out, are afraid to get married, because it seems to them that the ideal life partner is still somewhere out there, far away.

As a result, they either remain alone, or grab the last chance. Interestingly, even having chosen a socially successful and good partner, they are still unhappy with him. Seems like others are better.

Karmic task – know yourself and you will find the best partner. Only by developing your talents, making a career, paying attention to your spiritual growth, you can attract lovers, friends and partners who are equal in spirit and mind. There will always be enemies, their traces lead to past incarnations, so only humility and acceptance will help here.

Harmonization of Ascendant Opposition with Ascending Node

In this aspect, on the contrary, in the 7th house, the Ascending (North) node stands on the Descendant, and the Descending (South) node is connected to the Ascendant. A person is very much fixated on past patterns of behavior in relationships.

If there was suffering, codependence according to the Karpman triangle: victim – aggressor – rescuer, then it is extremely difficult for the native to get out of his usual emotions. He fights with windmills again and again, trying to win love, to prove that only he needs to be respected, appreciated and honored, and the partner is an auxiliary element here. People are attracted to him, dispelling these illusions, destroying a solid foundation under his feet, until the native realizes that the other person is as unique and important as himself, and begins to appreciate the good that the partner does.

The karmic task is to create an equal union, without prejudice to either one’s own or other people’s interests. This applies to both marriage and relationships at work.

Enemies here are teachers, called to direct on the true path, to teach to separate evil from good in its purest form. The most important thing is to be able to forgive, let go, remain a friend even after the mistakes and delusions of a partner.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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