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Opposition Ascending (Descending) node – Lilith: burying talent in the ground

The karmic axis of the lunar nodes sets the tone for a person’s entire life and directly affects fate. If you understand what you came into this world with and what you need to strive for, it is much easier to manage circumstances and consciously move to the higher floors of the natal chart, and not suffer from fatalism. The ascending (Northern) node shows the main purpose of a person and the qualities that need to be developed. The descending (South) node symbolizes the abilities and habits developed during a past life. Here is the key to past sins. They need to be corrected or at least not repeated.

Lilith is the dark karma of the family and the strongest temptation. Combined with the South Node and in opposition to the North, it clouds the mind with powerful desires for past pleasures and crimes, blocking the path to the future. If, on the contrary, it opposes the Descending Node, then it blocks access to positive developments: a person is in a hurry to master new energies, but in isolation from the roots he cannot improve.

Opposition Karma Lilith with Ascending (Descending) Node

The native often has terrible dreams or is drawn to do something bad. This cannot be ignored as such things show what was a problem in previous incarnations. It is especially important if the parents of a child with the opposition of the Black Moon with nodes track his addictions and dark desires, comparing them with the readings of the card. This will help to avoid repeating bad karma. For example, if Lilith is in Aries at the South Node, a person can attract rapists, and the Black Moon in Gemini encourages to lie, steal and gossip. The sooner the native consciously enters the highest floor of Lilith, transforming the need for violence or theft into success in sports, mastering the art of a magician or artist, the more likely it is to avoid the boomerang effect.

With the opposition of Lilith with the North (Ascending) Node, it is difficult for a person to enter a new destiny program. He wants to experience the experience of the past again, even if fate gives signs that he is going the wrong way, that it is bad there, the native still goes to his comfort zone. In this case, the position of the Black Moon passes to his descendants, who are forced to work out the karma of the clan.

The opposition of Lilith with the South (Descending) node encourages you to look for your own path, but at the same time, the person is not interested in the talents genetically inherent in him. For example, everyone in the family sings or composes music, but the native intentionally does not want to do this, despite his abilities, burying talent in the ground.

Sometimes the fear of suffering from one’s gift is hidden here, if such was in the family when the ancestor was killed or repressed. On the one hand, the connection of the Black Moon with the Ascending Node in opposition to the Descending Node is a sign of the need to master the programs of this house and sign, on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to do this without the support of past developments and ancestral experience.

Often a person devotes half his life to activities that are completely opposite to his true vocation, and when he catches himself and begins to see clearly, it is already too late.

Harmonizing Opposition Lilith with the Ascending Node

In this situation, the Black Moon stands on the Descending (South) Node, creating a funnel of attention on the topics of this house and sign, attracting and not letting go on a further journey. Here it is very important to work out the problems in the family, which correspond to the symbolism of this sector of the horoscope.

For example, if the South Node is with Lilith in the 11th house, and there were people in the family with a criminal circle of friends or they were betrayed by friends, or they themselves did badly with those who trusted them: they appropriated other people’s achievements, framed colleagues, led astray and addicted to vices, this is a sign to the native that there is a pain point here.

He himself can become a victim of such people, accepting working off in this way, or unconsciously wants to do the same, and from childhood. It is very important to transfer the destructive energies of Lilith to the highest floor of the house.

Speaking about the 11th sector, this is the highest level of intuition and artistry, allowing you to be in the right place and become your own in any social circle. A person knows how to behave on an equal footing with kings and presidents, while he has a unique sense of trouble. If there is some kind of coup, mass layoffs or the collapse of the company, he manages to elude the hammer of repression.

Since in a past life the native went to extremes and distortions in the theme of the house, now he needs to master the energies of Lilith again and only then go to a new destination.

Harmonization of the opposition of Lilith and the Descending Node

Here the Black Moon connects with the North Node and a person rushes to new shores, denying innate talents and abilities. Often this is the call of the ancestors who failed to implement or complete a certain program. From here, already from childhood, there is a strong desire to become an actress, football player or doctor, despite the obstacles or difficulties in mastering the necessary qualities and skills. At the same time, innate talents are ignored, although success in the area of the South (Descending) node is easy for a person. Later, faced with disappointment in the chosen field of activity, the native understands that it was necessary not to bury his hereditary gifts in the ground, that they would help to reach the true destination or would create a spare foothold for earning, but it’s too late. For example, having excellent technical thinking and mathematical abilities, the native decides to become a translator,

In this case, you need to find an adjacent niche, for example, to do technical translation.

The motto of the opposition Lilith with the South Node is to start all over again without fear. This is the only way to get out of the Black Moon funnel and correct mistakes.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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