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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Mercury: from words to deeds

The planet of intellect shows not only the type of thinking, the ability to learn and communicate, but also hidden subconscious motives for comprehending and transmitting information to other people. In aspects with karmic lunar nodes, Mercury becomes a double-edged sword: with a word you can kill or protect yourself. However, the opposition is also a painful endless internal dialogue, a split personality and disputes with oneself. Karmically, the success of the native’s main mission is tied to communication, but it is precisely this that cannot be built correctly. This is due to the fact that being in opposition to one node, Mercuryautomatically finds itself in conjunction with another, which means that the mind and verbal self-expression find themselves in confrontation with either past experience (Descent South Node) or with a future karmic task. Woe from the mind and a distorted view of one’s intellectual influence is a major theme for a lifetime of work.

Mercury Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Node

With this aspect, the primary task is learning, intellectual activity, but the most important thing is not just to be smart, but to fulfill your destiny with the help of constant updating of knowledge.

The opposition of Mercury with the Ascending (North) Node means the simultaneous connection of the planet of intellect with the Descending (South). With this configuration, the development of the native is limited by mental laziness.

In a past life, a person actively lived on Mercury, perhaps on the lower floor of the manifestation of energy, for example, he used the mind in intrigues and propaganda, or, on the contrary, reached intellectual heights.

In the present incarnation, he is no longer interested in proving his worth again. This leads to a decrease in mental activity, when a person considers himself still smarter than everyone else, but in reality this has not been the case for a long time. If in a past life a person fussed a lot and was scattered over trifles, now he has a feeling that he does not have time for anything, does not get to the right place on time, or speaks out of place.

The opposition of Mercury with the Descending (South) Node means that the planet forms a conjunction with the Ascending (North), which means that the mission of the native is closely connected with intellectual growth. At the same time, the native has no experience of systematic study, and it can be difficult.

It is important to look at what sign the South Node is in, because in a past life, the native Mercury manifested itself in this style, and now it needs to be changed to the opposite.

If the Descending Node is in Aries, a person could say too much, swear, quarrel, break off relations in a temper. Now, the opposition with Mercury and the Ascending Node in Libra requires developing the gift of reconciling with a word, protecting the offended gracefully and easily, negotiating, not blaming.

Harmonization of the opposition of Mercury and the North (Ascending) Node

Man is given one more chance to correct the mistakes of the past, created by the word, by deeds. It is important to understand that if the conjunction of Mercury and the South Node is in opposition to the North, then the experience of the past has definitely not brought good to both the person and his environment. Therefore, it is now important to develop the Mercurial qualities with an emphasis on positive application: to teach, console, inspire, entertain.

A native can find himself in pedagogy, marketing, journalism, literature, psychology, medicine, but success awaits him only if he completely abandons gossip, intrigue, behind-the-scenes games. Maximum honesty and openness, the rejection of chatter and verbal skirmishes will bring Mercury to a higher level.

It is very important to suppress the desire to sit in the shadows, to drag yourself onto the stage through resistance, to make a speech, to become the host of the holiday. Sometimes this aspect means conflicts with brothers and sisters or circumstances related to them that prevent the realization of the destiny.

For example, when the native is forced to take care of the younger ones, because of which studies suffer, or there is no opportunity to communicate with peers to the fullest. However, this can be a valuable life experience that will help in further development.

Mercury Opposition Harmonization with the Descending (South) Node

Here, too, there is a confrontation between the obsolete attitudes of the past and the need to develop in a team, but the conjunction of Mercury with the Ascending (North) still pulls the current of force towards itself, and the attraction of the South Node is not so fatal.

Rather, on the contrary, a person understands that it is necessary to live in a new way. Born into a family of workers, he decides to get a higher education, but it also happens that despite the traditional diplomas and degrees in the family, the native is happy to work as a hairdresser or manicurist, which is also quite a Mercurial activity.

Regardless of the choice of specialty, it is simply necessary to study and eagerly explore life in all its manifestations. Here it is very important to calmly accept the position of a student, not to strive to teach, not to meddle with advice when they are not asked.

Brothers and sisters are the key to discovering your mission. They can introduce you to the right people or push you to creative pursuits.

Also, the house where Mercury and the North Node are located will also serve as a source of inspiration and growth: if this is the 6th sector, then colleagues and favorite work will contribute to intellectual growth, 7th – partners in marriage and business, 9th – travel, studying foreign languages.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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