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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Midheaven Meridian: Home or Career

On the karmic axis of the lunar nodes , a person can learn everything about the true purpose and meaning of life, for the sake of understanding which he came to this world. The descending South Node is the starting point for flying into the new energies of this incarnation. All the talents, successes and failures of the native kind are hidden there. The North Ascending Node is the area of application and cultivation of talents in real life. In the themes of this house and sign, success does not come easily as in the realm of the Descending, but the true joy of discovery and the reward of results will be found here by the native.

It is all the more important to correctly place accents when the axis of nodes affects the 4th and 10th houses, being in opposition to the Meridian of the Middle of the sky, the highest point of the horoscope, denoting the professional vocation of the native, the sphere of his personal fame and success in society. It is not easy to achieve it because of the opposition, because internal subconscious scripts lead a person away from what he wants.

Opposition Karma of the Midheaven with the Ascending (Descent Node)

Nodes always stand opposite each other, symbolizing the beginning and the top. Accordingly, if one of them is in opposition to the MC point (Midheaven Meridian), the second is always in conjunction with it, enhancing the significance of the past or future for professional fulfillment and success in society.

If the North (Ascending) node is on the MC, at the top of the 10th house, then it is in opposition to the 4th house, where the South (Descending) is located. Thus, the home and family become a symbolic obstacle to achieving social heights and building a career.

In a past life, a person could not devote himself to his home or career completely, was in strong conflict regarding these topics. For example, it was a woman who dreamed of social realization, but was forced to devote a lot of time to her husband and numerous children, or in general, her husband was against her work. Now the situation is repeating itself so that the native can find a reasonable balance between the need to become famous, find his own way, and not the one offered by the family, and at the same time give warmth and attention to the family.

It is difficult to do this, therefore, most often, the native chooses a career, but almost never happens at home, or vice versa, again recreates a situation where work is impossible for some reason and suffers from it.

The opposition of the Midheaven with the North (Ascending) node, on the contrary, suggests the connection of the MS with the South (Descent). This is where the theme of home and family comes to the fore. The native may consciously give up his career and find his calling in the domestic routine. However, it is also an indicator for freelancing, where a career can be built from the comfort of home, and balance can also be found by selling real estate. In a past life, a person could not devote himself to his family because of the desire to shine and be realized, so now these topics require correction and improvement. It is very important to become the owner of the property, and if the starting conditions are bad, the native can spend his whole life on it.

In a past life, there was also an option that other people rose at his expense, he was a kind of coach and transformer for his wards, but now he has to combine these two areas in one activity.

Harmonizing the opposition of the Midheaven with the Rising Node

In this situation, the MC coincides with the South Node and opposes the North Node. The topic of social realization causes a lot of internal torment. I want fame and recognition without leaving home. In the worst case, a person becomes Oblomov, not getting off the couch, but most often the native manages to combine work with the desire to be at home. Now is a fertile time for such people, because you can easily make money on freelance via the Internet or create cakes, decorations, sew, knit to order.

Much depends on the sign of the zodiac where the MC and the South Node stand. If this is Sagittarius, the person will feel the need to teach online, create some courses, for example, in learning foreign languages, but the North Node will be in Gemini, respectively, in this case, the person will still not sit at home.

He will travel on business trips, conduct some master classes as an invited expert, or combine online work with regular work.

But in any case, the starting point of take-off will be the house. Clients can come here if the native is engaged in tutoring, important acquaintances take place here, contracts are signed, but it is very important to transfer all this further, to the area of the North Node.

For example, if the native is in the sign of Capricorn, and the South (Descending) is in Cancer, then it will be comfortable to work at home, but at the same time you have to come to the company office, submit your reports or other results of work, participate in meetings in order to master new energy and climb the career ladder.

Harmonizing Opposition Midheaven with Descending Node

Here the North Node stands on the MC, reinforcing the importance of fame, recognition, career in life, as almost the main topic. There is nothing more important than this for a person, since 2 factors of destiny have combined.

If there are planets nearby, they can specify the area of application of efforts. For example, Venus attracts to the sphere of beauty and finance, Jupiter – to politics and teaching, Mars – to military affairs, sports, personal business. However, the 4th house, where the Descending (South) Node stands, goes deep into the last plan. If there are no planets nearby, then the native plunges headlong into social life.

This does not imply the absence of a family, but the owners of the horoscope sometimes do not devote time and attention to spouses and children at all.

Such a bias negatively affects their personality and sometimes at work too. The ideal option would be to create a family through the choice of such a life partner that can create a strong rear and get rid of everyday worries.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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