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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Sun: in pursuit of a higher goal

Opposition is considered the most difficult and difficult aspect of the natal chart . The energies of the planets oppose each other, it will not be possible to create something new from them. A person has to be Figaro – a servant of two masters: first act according to one scenario, then according to a completely different one, and then in the case of knowledge of astrological principles.

The ascending (North) node – a symbol of future development and destiny, and the Descending (South) – an indication of the achievements of past lives, are always in opposition. Therefore, if the Sun is in the same aspect to one of them, accordingly, it is almost always in conjunction with the other, which complicates the entire configuration as a whole, because it shone the very will and inner fire of a person, his ego, which should be humbled and directed in the right direction extremely difficult.

Opposition Karma Sun – Ascending (Descending) Node

The harmonious main luminary of the horoscope makes the native a generous, self-sufficient and purposeful person who knows how to take care of others. This is a leader with a big and kind heart. He has a goal – a driving force, only bad aspects turn it into an idefix, and the owner of the card into an egoist walking on the heads.

The South Node symbolizes the subconscious attitudes formed in past incarnations. They need to be avoided, but when the Sun is in opposition with the North (Ascending) Node, the luminary turns out to be in conjunction with the South (Descending), which means that with all his heart and aspiration a person freezes in a state that prevents him from realizing the purpose of the North Node. These are the strongest attitudes preserved by ancestral memory.

In a past life, a person was a leader and a star with many privileges. This is how, royally, he continues to behave now, but given the abuse of authority and extreme egocentrism in the past, the native came into this world to sacrifice all this for the sake of a higher goal. However, the majority prefers to live stubbornly in ego pleasure, despite the limitations and obstacles that arise along the way and the turning points of 37-38 years.

The opposition of the Sun with the Descending (South) Node means the conjunction of the luminary with the Ascending (North). Here a person is completely concentrated on the mission of the present incarnation, but is too divorced from the roots. Perhaps in the past he fully mastered the energies of the sign where the South Node stands, or voluntarily abandoned its lower manifestations. For this, his Sun receives powerful support from above to enter a new beneficial level of the opposite sign.

It is important to analyze the general position of the Sun. If it is in its strong house, for example 1, 5, 9, but weakened by the sign (Aquarius, Libra), then the native did not fulfill his destiny in a past life, although he had all the opportunities and now he will have to work hard to fulfill his destiny.

Harmonization of the opposition of the Sun with the Rising Node

This aspect means that a person will have to sacrifice his pride and vanity voluntarily or forcibly. The opposition acts constantly, in contrast to the quadrature, which means that it will not be possible to relax. The conjunction of the Sun with the Descending Node (Ketu) is a very powerful thing. It’s like floating up to the surface of the water from the very bottom, with a stone around your neck.

At the same time, a person is sincerely sure that his destination is in the area where this connection stands, and not where the Ascending Node (Rahu) is located. This is especially pronounced in the confrontation between fire and air signs, for example, when the Sun is in Aries or Leo with Ketu, and Rahu is in Libra or Aquarius.

It turns out that the mission of a person is to influence global processes, directing people to accomplishments, not to shine as the only star in the sky, but to light new names. At the same time, the ambitions and vanity of the past are so huge that a person cannot resist the desire to be a lone leader. In such a situation, the native comes to realize his mission after 37 years, after a reassessment of priorities.

If, on the contrary, the Sun with Ketu is in air or water signs, and the Ascending Node is in fire or earth, then it literally pulls in a situation where you need to be a leader and a guiding star, and the native is afraid to take responsibility and stand out from the team.

The fact is indisputable – success here comes through resistance to one’s fears and self-sacrifice for the sake of a higher goal.

Harmonization of the opposition of the Sun and the Descending Node

With this configuration, life is easier. The will and consciousness of a person are in full agreement with his destiny (the connection of the Sun with Rahu), but even here it is necessary to break with past settings, sometimes including family traditions, habits of thinking, behaving, even sometimes you have to change the style of clothing and place of residence.

Only in this case the native himself wants to do it. He seems to be hindered by the habits of the past, laid down by his family and previous reincarnations. At a low level of development, a complete break with the family is not excluded, which is also undesirable.

Ideally, you need to transfer the good attitudes and talents developed in the area of the Descending Node to the area of the Ascending, but make them not key, but auxiliary. You need to understand that the path to success is full of obstacles and be wary of people from the past, especially those who did bad things to the native in their youth, and then supposedly corrected themselves. They will again bring problems, especially if they match the sign of the Descending Node with their Sun, Ascendant or general character traits.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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