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Opposition Ascending (Descending) node – Jupiter: from dogma to freethinking

Opposition is the toughest and most exhausting aspect of a person, because it acts constantly, throughout life. If it affects the axis of the lunar nodes , which are already always directly opposite to each other, then it is difficult for the native to fulfill the karmic tasks for this incarnation. Resistance is provided by circumstances, people, the burden of the past or fear of the present. To harmonize, you will have to understand the principle of the influence of the Descending Node, a symbol of a past life, and outdated patterns of behavior, as well as the Ascending Node, which means the destiny of a person in the present.

Jupiter is a planet of great happiness, and even in opposition, it partly softens the circumstances offered from above if the native is spiritually developed, but at the same time it can also expand the range of obstacles when the owner of the horoscope is an arrogant, pompous materialist, limited by the settings of the Descending Node.

Jupiter Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Node

A planet of great happiness with a negative aspect can bring huge problems. The least that a person took from ancestral karma is inadequate optimism, addiction to excesses and religious fanaticism.

Most often, this is precisely what is manifested in the area for which the South (Descent) Node is responsible. It denotes deep subconscious attitudes that helped the ancestors of the native achieve their goals, and perhaps he himself lived this way in a past life, but now they need to be cut off for the sake of future development.

If Jupiter is in opposition to the North (Ascending) Node, it is automatically in conjunction with the South, which means that the owner of the horoscope clings too much to the past.

Blind optimism or fanatical adherence to tradition hides the deepest fear of change, but without jumping into this abyss of the unknown, the native will not receive either the desired wealth or social status that he obviously had in his last incarnation.

Sometimes a person remembers what problems accompanied his high position: enemies, intrigues, attempts to discredit his reputation, deprive him of power, and he chooses a very narrow comfort zone, limited by material pleasures.

The native repeats the mistakes of the past, for example, he remembers that his success was associated with communication in society, and is promiscuous in relationships, does not know how to keep secrets, expects that he will be loved and glorified just like that.

The opposition of Jupiter with the Descending (South) Node means the conjunction of the planet with the Ascending, which means that the native has come to expand and update the themes of the house and the sign of Ketu through the experience in the area of influence of Rahu.

It is through the highest floor of the Ascending Node that one must manifest the talents of the past and become a teacher for many. In a past life, a person studied a lot, including through sensory experience, gained a lot of wisdom as a priest, scientist, chronicler or state adviser, and now it’s time for him to become a guru, but only in the case of really powerful spiritual development.

Jupiter Opposition Harmonization with Ascending Node

Many people mistakenly believe that Jupiter brings happiness as Santa Claus gifts. But success largely depends on how a person manages the flow of energy.

In opposition to the Ascending Node, the Jupiterian force is pulled over by the conjunction of the planet of great happiness with the South Node. It turns out that a person either lives in the enjoyment of the sphere of that house and the sign where Jupiter stands, because everything is easy there, money and fame float into his hands, or consciously goes to a new area, to the house and sign of the North Ascending, where he already needs to start from a beginner’s perspective, not an expert.

This state of affairs is painful for the inflated ego of Jupiter in conjunction with the South Node, but necessary for the development of the soul. You should not deny yourself the joy of being a guru and a rich man for some time, but then you need to smoothly transfer resources to the topic of the House of the Ascending Node, deliberately abandoning excesses. This will give the joy of knowledge and the enjoyment of work, which can be forgotten if you live in the old way.

It is very important to educate yourself, graduate from a prestigious institute (an analysis of 9 and 10 houses is important here) and choose a profession through the synthesis of the 10th sector and where the Ascending Node stands.

Jupiter Opposition Harmonization with the Descending (South) Node

With this aspect, the planet of great happiness is in conjunction with the North Ascending Node, and this determines the entire life path of the native. If he immediately chooses the fate of a spiritual teacher and teacher, this will facilitate his karmic task, but not everything is so easy.

The choice of destination is hindered by some family traditions and beliefs, and in order to achieve fame and success, a person has to literally win the right to the desired education, choice of profession, social circle of friends.

It can also be pulled back by bad habits: laziness, addiction to plentiful junk food, shopping, inability to save money in principle. All lower energies along the South Node must be transformed into a positive one, or they should be completely abandoned.

The strength of Jupiter is in nobility, generosity, the ability to keep one’s word, and most importantly, to learn and expand one’s horizons.

All this should be done in the sphere of affairs of the house, where Jupiter and the North Node stand. Such people make excellent teachers, politicians, lawyers, producers.

An important point: a person will have to work and study hard, you can’t relax and think that the planets will give you a happy occasion and everything will go like clockwork. There is no need to be afraid to go against the will of the family if this desire is supported by the indicators of the North Node. Financial independence will make it easier to achieve any goal.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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