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Chiron sextile – Mercury. Innovative ability

The mysterious asteroid, named after the legendary centaur, the teacher of ancient heroes, brings to the life of the native not only the ability to see and feel more than others, but also uncertainty, vulnerability, and complexes. They must be “cured” because the mythical Chiron himself was never able to heal the wound accidentally inflicted by a friend. Indeed, most often, the process of growth and development of the owner of the horoscope goes through resistance or disbelief in his talents on the part of close people.

Sextile is a conditionally positive aspect, which softens the situation, but only under the condition of active actions of a person. It will be necessary to develop and strengthen Mercury, but in the style of Chiron: in an unusual, innovative, paradoxical way. Interestingly, the key to the development of both planets is a sharp, socially oriented sense of humor, but it is important to understand when and where to use it.

The influence of the sextile Mercury-Chiron on fate

The main feature of the aspect, which largely determines the path of life, is the ability to see the humorous background in every event, belief, philosophy adopted in society. But the topical and sharp sense of humor, which is so in demand in journalism and literature, in addition to fame, can bring many problems and enemies to the native.

Celebrities with the sextile Mercury – Chiron – M. Zoshchenko, Orson Welles, Bertolt Brecht often faced dissatisfaction not only with the highest representatives of society, but also with the indignation of ordinary people, as in the case of Wells’ radio play, so subtly played out that people seriously believed in an alien Martian attack.

The aspect endows with irrepressible curiosity and the need for new knowledge. Sometimes these qualities also lead to dangerous investigations and interventions in matters not related to the native, with unfortunate consequences. However, it is necessary to determine the need for study according to the data of 3 and 9 houses, which, with the Mercury-Chiron sextile, are of paramount importance. The problem is that the native gets carried away with something new too quickly, jumps on the heights of knowledge, but skillfully creates the illusion of a person who understands a hundred issues. He is an eternal child, enthusiastically accepting any interlocutor, which is why it is easy to lure him into a trap by promising information about mystical and unexplored topics, such as UFOs and a world conspiracy.

When Mercury is afflicted, the aspect creates clever swindlers who always get away with it and will fool any servant of the law around the finger.

Happy opportunities and talents of Chiron-Mercury sextile

You can safely add flexible and movable fingers to a sharp mind and humor. The owners of the horoscope have no problems with fine motor skills. These are talented pianists, guitarists and violinists. They not only play, but also make with pleasure, creating both masterpieces of art and just improvements for everyday life in the house. Women love to knit and embroider. In addition, the talents of the Chiron-Mercury sextile are clearly expressed in professions:

  • astronomers (helps to discover new planets), astrologers who are looking for non-standard ways of applying ancient science;
  • stockbrokers, realtors, small retailers;
  • artists of the humorous genre in the style of the Comedy Club or KVN, writers, publicists, journalists, documentary filmmakers, TV presenters;
  • accountants, cashiers, financiers, marketers.

The Mercury-Chiron sextile turns on during communication on topical topics, for example, an interview with a politician or a sociologist, the publication of an essay, public speaking, and even a funny anecdote told in the right environment will become the finest hour of the native.

Mercury sextile Chiron in a relationship

In the house where Chiron stands, a person feels a certain vulnerability and excessive sensitivity to the themes of the sign. At a low level of development, he tries to hide this through feigned cynicism and constant sarcastic jokes, proving that he is not interested in this or that he is already a professional. Themes of 3, 7, 9, 10 houses are most acutely perceived. The native denies the importance of relationships with people, higher education and studies in the system, believing that he already knows everything. This may be a nihilist or an anarchist who undermines the beliefs of loved ones.

At a high level of development, a person heals the soul through communication, intuitively gaining as many friends and clients as possible in life, perceiving each as a separate Universe. He is a student and a teacher at the same time. With this approach, he will be successful in personal relationships and at work.

Study of the Chiron-Mercury sextile

The owners of the aspect should not hang at the same level of intellectual development. You need to constantly study even in the rank of professor and transfer knowledge to people. It is sextile that implies a karmic task – to make a discovery in the field of education, linguistics, literature, journalism, architecture, any Mercurial direction where the native sees his destiny.

You should also not miss the opportunity to express yourself through public speaking, the Internet, and the publication of your work. All these actions activate the Chiron-Mercury sextile. Special care must be taken by the owners of tau-squares and oppositions, unrestrained and sharp-tongued, because Chiron encourages you to defend your vulnerability in Mercurial topics through attacks and barbs against the interlocutor, regardless of faces, which will cause many enemies to arise.

An excellent talisman stone with the Mercury-Chiron sextile will be blue agate , malachite , fluorite with a predominance of green, jasper of brown and marsh shades.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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