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Chiron sextile Neptune. Marvelous looking glass

Aspects of the most mysterious asteroid with higher planets rarely affect the series of events, but it is important to understand what needs to be changed in oneself spiritually in order to reveal the talents given by the sextile. Chiron is the key and the gate between the visible and hidden in the depths of the subconscious. It is very difficult to reveal the gifts of Neptune , without having the power of Saturn, the last visible planet, next to which Chiron stands, as a guide to the world of higher energies.

Fantasy, empathy, magic and lucid dreams are vividly manifested in the life of the native, as well as energy healing, hypnosis, a sense of the other world. But without grounding, it’s easy to get lost in the Looking Glass or wander aimlessly in the clouds all day long.

The influence of Neptune-Chiron sextile on fate

Everything you need to know about the inner world of the native is described in the verses of O. Mandelstam, one of the bearers of this rare aspect. This is evidenced by the vivid imagery of exotic places, visions of the past, reflections on nobility and a bitter foreboding of their inconsistency with cruel reality. However, there were other owners of the Neptune-Chiron sextile, like Charles de Gaulle and President Eisenhower, who decisively and contrary to everyone’s ideas about how it should be, put their dreams into action.

For the sake of the ideals invented in his inner world, the native is ready for sacrifice, deprivation, struggle and even death. These are very sacrificial people, but they will climb the fire only for their beliefs and will not do it for the sake of another person, unless Neptune is in 5 or 7 houses.

A utopian worldview and the idealization of their ideas of happiness often fail the owners of the Chiron-Neptune sextile. They are not ready for failures, the discrepancy between the desired and the real, so it is better for them not to go into politics or the financial sector, unless they have strong Mars and Saturn, like de Gaulle and Eisenhower. Even when meditating and playing music, it is necessary to clearly outline the lesson plan for the day so as not to fall out of reality.

Religion is an important part of a native’s life. These are sincerely believing people who always receive an answer to prayer, so you need to devote time to religious practices, but not fall under too much influence of her ministers. The native himself can become a priest or a psychologist who helps people get on the path of their destiny.

Happy opportunities and talents of Chiron-Neptune sextile

Men and women with this aspect really need a spiritual teacher. This is not necessarily a religious minister, but a wise and enlightened person who can be emulated, with whom it is easy to consult and talk heart to heart.

If there is support in oneself, then an inner understanding of the action plan for the realization of any dream comes. A native is an artistic, sensitive, subtle nature, so success and luck come in the fields of art, psychology, photography, dance, and if for some reason a person does not deal with them, even after visiting a theater and an art exhibition, going to the cinema, he already falls into the field of luck: he can meet future partners, get insight or inspiration.

Owners of the Neptune-Chiron sextile easily cross the border between the physical and subtle worlds, even just in their imagination, without special meditations. They seem to connect to the information field and get the right answer. Being engaged in literary creativity, they read plots, rhymes, images, being in the stream. The only problem is getting yourself to work. To do this, you need to strengthen Saturn.

Sextile Neptune-Chiron in a relationship

They are big dreamers. They are waiting for a partner who will heal their spiritual wounds. Many phobias and doubts of men and women with Neptune-Chiron sextile are brought from past lives, so it seems incomprehensible to others why they have a fear of marriage or a constant expectation of betrayal if they grew up in prosperous families.

Love is a medicine for them, but they themselves are ready to generously give it to wounded souls. True, the flip side of the coin is addiction to people with addictions. The wards of the sextile Neptune-Chiron sincerely believe that they can melt the icy heart of an alcoholic or drug addict, pull an unrecognized genius out of the loop and become his muse, but this is extremely rare. Without self-reliance, they will be a victim or a vampire demanding constant proof of devotion. It is important to find a balance between feelings and reason, dreams and reality.

How to turn on the Neptune-Chiron sextile

The aspect helps to receive information from above, to feel the situation from the inside, to anticipate the development of events, to find the right words of consolation and support. The native can activate this channel by walking near the water, plunging into the waves of the ocean or sea, traveling by ship. It is very important to make music, regardless of whether the native will perform in public or just for himself. If there is a difficult period in life, there are no ideas and understanding of where to move, you need to meditate, listen to your favorite music or dance to it. Then the revelation about the meaning of life will come, the energy for action will appear. It also helps to visit the church, confession, communication with like-minded people.

The native has a rare gift – the materialization of a dream into reality, but we must not forget that this will only work if Saturn is strengthened in the affairs of that house and the sign where it stands.

Talisman stones at Neptune-Chiron sextile – larimar, turquoise , belomorite , aquamarine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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