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Chiron sextile – Venus. Shining door with an unusual lock

Any aspects of Chiron show in which area of life there is a certain vulnerability and wound that arose in the life of the native under the influence of the fate line of his family. The reason may be its nature or hereditary programs. In the case of a sextile , a positive aspect, the planet in connection with the asteroid indicates talents and abilities, thanks to which one can gain confidence and recognition.

Venus is the planet of small happiness. She patronizes not only personal relationships, but helps to open up in the field of arts, fashion, trade, processing of precious metals and the beauty industry. However, for happiness in love and career, a person will have to reconsider his system of life values and learn to unconditionally accept himself.

The influence of Venus-Chiron sextile on fate

The aspect in the natal chart does not manifest itself at the event level, but this is not a reason to ignore it. The symbol of Chiron is the key, and as part of a sextile that requires active actions from the native, it means that it is possible to open the door to the world of Venus if you constantly use all the chances that life gives. For example, do not miss announcements about castings, competitions, festivals, where you can show yourself in all its glory. If you are invited to a social event, you need to go and behave according to your Venus, in the sign where she stands.

Representatives of the fiery and airy planet of love understand this intuitively correctly. It is vital for them to create their own style of clothing, behavior and of course creativity. The owners of water and earth Venus are somewhat constrained in the manifestation of feelings and hesitate for a long time before making a decision. They can get a very good offer, but as long as they calculate the pros and cons, risks and benefits, time will pass and the sextile simply will not work.

This is an aspect that brings good luck in a short period of time, so you need to cast aside fears and grab luck by the tail. However, the presence of Chiron adds a small nuance, not known to everyone: the more unusual and exotic the principle of Venus is implemented, the more success and money can be expected. That is why it is difficult for timid and traditionally thinking carriers of the planet of love in the elements of earth and water to realize the gift of the aspect. They have to rehearse in front of a mirror for a long time in order to understand what angles, gestures, poses are the most advantageous, to memorize beautiful phrases, funny stories that they plan to tell in public, speeches for a speech, so as not to worry about how they look from the outside. It is easier for the owners of Chiron in Taurus or Libra, they intuitively understand how best to present their Venus.

Happy opportunities and talents of Venus-Chiron sextile

Men and women with this aspect are gifted with amazing artistic flair. They can dig up a diamond in a pile of rubbish, which, in principle, is easier for them to do than to demonstrate their talent to the public. Therefore, the owners of the Venus-Chiron sextile often become agents of actors, sales managers, realtors, representatives of famous brands, impresarios, producers and personal assistants to stars. Most often this happens when Venus is in the 6th house. With a strong position of the planet of love, when to create means to live, what is created by the native survives it for centuries.

Human talents often arise from a sense of inferiority along the line of Chiron in the themes of Venus. Most often, these are problems with appearance: a plump girl gets tired of ridicule and creates interesting collections of plus size clothes – she becomes a designer, and a timid guy who is not paid attention to is engaged in vocals and wins an international singing competition.

Venus-Chiron sextile in a relationship

The native is attracted to people with a wounded heart. Being sensitive and emotionally sensual, he wants to heal the person he likes, wrap him in tenderness and love, if natal Venus is in water signs, or help with practical methods when she is in the earth element. The owners of the planet of passion in fire or air, on the contrary, are waiting for their partner to cure their pains. It is important for them to dominate the relationship so that the whole world revolves around.

Shyness and awkwardness in communicating with the opposite sex, men and women with Venus-Chiron sextile are often hidden behind the number of love victories, although the quality of the relationship clearly suffers.

How to turn on Venus-Chiron sextile

Since the finest hour of the native goes through the themes of Venus, and Chiron simply dictates an unusual style and way of expressing them, you will need to prepare in advance and develop your talents in art. For example, attending music and vocal studios, dancing, acting, developing self-confidence. Sextile is a happy occasion, it does not work all the time, so the portfolio and resume should be ready: be it photos of a clothing collection, a demo of songs or diplomas, presentations, certificates of a manager and a financier. It all depends on the position of Venus and the choice of the native. If he avoids the possibilities of the Venus-Chiron sextile, is afraid of relationships, is embarrassed to express himself, the aspect will turn into a square and it will be a hundred times more difficult to break through to the dream.

To harmonize its energy, it is recommended to wear jewelry with pink diamond , tourmaline or quartz , turquoise , malachite .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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