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Sextile Moon – Saturn

The astrological forms of the Moon and Saturn are completely different. The moon symbolizes all living things, it is associated with childhood and motherhood. Her image is soft, mobile and changeable. Saturn is often compared to a stern old man and a stern teacher. It requires discipline and acceptance of life's limitations. But since the sextile is a harmonious aspect, such interaction between the luminaries is constructive.

People with this aspect have a talent for adapting to environmental conditions. They comply with all the rules established in society and therefore easily fit into society and are built into the hierarchy.

The influence of the aspect on personality traits and human behavior

Sextile Moon - SaturnThe owner of this aspect is distinguished by prudence, thoughtfulness, thoroughness and patience. He is extremely careful and accurate when he finds himself in an unfamiliar environment. Over time, the native gets used to the established order and gradually adapts to new conditions. He manages to gain the necessary skills and experience for further successful functioning in society.

Such people are practical and thrifty in everyday life, and in relation to their relatives and friends, they are caring and constant. Their distinguishing feature is a respectful and caring attitude towards parents and older relatives.

As far as health is concerned, they usually pay due attention to disease prevention, do not start diseases and visit qualified doctors and psychologists on time.

Sextile Moon – Saturn in the natal chart of a man

If in the natal chart of a man there is a harmonious interaction between the Moon (the significator of marriage) and Saturn, then in relations with the opposite sex there is seriousness, constructiveness and a desire for stability. The native's chosen one should be hardworking, purposeful, businesslike and tactful.

A marriage concluded with such a woman gives a feeling of security and a solid rear. The couple will have a lot of joint affairs and goal-setting. The partners strive to strengthen their financial position and acquire real estate.

Sextile Moon – Saturn in the natal chart of a woman

The moon, its position and aspects in a woman's horoscope will describe the features of her character and behavior. From a young age, such girls seem to be adults and wise beyond their years. They are serious, responsible and attach great importance to the business they are doing.

Having become a wife and mistress of the house, the owner of the aspect takes control of everything that happens in the family. She is prudent, thrifty, economical and knows how to plan a budget. By raising children, she shows her teaching talent. Her child most often has good manners, cleanliness and accustomed to work.

Sextile Moon – Saturn in the natal chart of the child

If there is a sextile of the Moon and Saturn in the child's birth chart, then we can conclude about his natural shyness and complaisance. Such children do not need to be brought up using forceful methods. The reasonable arguments of adults and their personal positive example are immediately adopted by the little owners of the aspect. In kindergarten and school, they usually have a reputation for being exemplary students and neat.

Joint work with adults and peers is of great educational value for such a child. The skills and abilities imparted in this way will be useful repeatedly throughout life.

Interaction of the Moon and Saturn in various elements

Sextile is an aspect that most often unites the influence of friendly elements. If the Moon and Saturn are in the signs of Water and Earth, then the owner of the horoscope is practical, economic and hardworking. He knows how to solve issues of property and finance, strives not only to make good money, but also takes care of the preservation of what he has acquired.

Saturn and the Moon, located in an air and fire sign, make a person neat and attentive in matters of communication and relationships with others. Such people, even if they have high ambitions, still tend to behave modestly. They do not like to talk about their merits, but they constantly prove their professionalism by deeds.

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