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Saturn sextile Lilith: in search of purpose

Two karmic values, united even by a positive aspect, cannot bring only pleasant events to the native, although they will give plenty of opportunities to change their fate. Sextile , in principle, an aspect of luck that works through a successful turn of events, when a person is given a hook and a fulcrum, and then he acts on his own. The native is ready to work, but not just like that, from morning to night, but when he feels that his goal will make happy not only him, but society as a whole, or at least contribute to changes in society.

His keys to success are creating a new way of life for himself and people in general, as well as gaining freedom. The only thing that can interfere is the lack of faith in oneself and the impostor syndrome in the profession.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Lilith – Saturn

People are used to being afraid of Saturn . However, in its positive manifestation, it endows the native with an incredible ability to work, a desire to live for a great goal, to help other people. Under the influence of Lilith, this is no longer a boring hard worker, but an inspired creator of a new reality.

The Black Moon reflects the dark corners of the subconscious, where generic programs displaced by the mind and the memory of past lives are stored. A person sometimes does not understand why he is so attracted to this or that topic, where does the feeling of increased importance in these matters come from and the thirst to complete the work in an ideal way. Apparently, there were people in the native’s family who helped a lot with a particular deed, served for the good of the motherland, and carried out useful reforms. Without realizing it, getting into similar situations, the native connects to this program through a sextile with Lilith, and will work tirelessly for the sake of the result, even if in other matters it is not particularly obligatory.

Of great importance is the position of Saturn and the Black Moon in certain houses. In the sector where the planet of karma stands, the native will use all his abilities and connections to solve the burning theme of the house in which Lilith is located. He will try especially hard if she is in the 4th, 6th and 12th houses.

The strong position of Saturn gives a real fighter for justice, who knows how to brilliantly plan tactics for retribution against offenders. They are excellent lawyers. They think through every detail of the protection of the ward and it is almost impossible to win against them.

The weak position of Saturn gives a desire to save the world from evil, but the fear of doing something wrong keeps one from taking action. The Black Moon is no longer an inspirer here, but a detonator of deep fears, especially if such a tactic was adopted in the family: sympathy for the offended, but without concrete help, so as not to hurt themselves. And here it is very important to set a goal and move towards it through overcoming shyness and fear of publicity, creating new patterns of behavior, it’s just much more difficult to do it.

The main problem of the sextile Saturn – Lilith is the impostor syndrome. It is especially strong if a person is gifted with different talents through other planets. When something is easy for a native, he devalues it. That is why most of the owners of the aspect work for a penny, perform other people’s or their additional duties for free, simply not realizing that this matters and should be well paid.

Positive Influence of Saturn Sextile Lilith

A native with this aspect often strives to have a high social status. This is not a whim, not vanity, but a real tool for someone who is born to change the structure of society and the fate of people for the better. Of course, the second option is also possible – dictatorship and tyranny for the sake of oneself, if personal planets and Saturn are affected, however, every 9 years there is a boomerang effect on Lilith and retribution will inevitably come to such a person, since the sextile Saturn – Lilith is given to him to turn on positive energies for the benefit of society, for a noble service, and not to the detriment.

Such people are very sensitive to the generally accepted canons of goodness, justice, cultural values and strive to preserve the resources of their country, even on a city scale, constantly participating in charity events, rallies to save the environment, various social programs at schools and enterprises.

Their main value is freedom, because they can act only from this state, and it gives them a high social status, so there are a lot of politicians, financiers, teachers, directors of educational institutions and scientists among them.

Saturn-Lilith sextile owners should not stay at home. Even if a woman with this aspect does not work, it is important for her to feel her significance for the world. She can join the parent committee and thereby work out her karma and receive positive energy. It is vital for a man to be the boss.

The main thing to understand is that true freedom is in the absence of dependence on someone else’s condemnation and envy.

How to turn on the sextile Saturn – Lilith

Sextile is an aspect of temporary luck. It works like a lucky break. However, if you are lazy, if you live at the level of a consumer, not a creator, this will not happen. The huge potential of a strong Saturn will be realized at the level of a household manager and organizer of life, and a weak one will simply go out, giving the rest of the energy to the Black Moon. In order to avoid this you need:

  • set yourself a variety of goals, from small to global, write them down and immediately take specific actions in that direction;
  • come up with a great dream of improving the life of society in terms of education, construction (housing issues), legislation, medicine, depending on the position and other aspects of Saturn, in order to tie all your small goals to this image;
  • visualize yourself having already received the desired social status, but at the same time increase it in every possible way in reality: take on social work, even at the level of a headman, foreman, head of department, but feel that you are walking up the stairs;
  • to engage in charity, the aspect is especially well included with the help of nursing homes, donations to funds for veterans and the disabled.

The impostor syndrome must be worked out with a psychologist, as well as keeping a diary of your achievements, where you need to make even small victories and reread it regularly.

An excellent talisman for the owner of the sextile Saturn – Lilith will be black onyx .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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