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Venus-Mars Sextile. Charismatic lucky ones

Sextile unites the planets through an aspect with an angle of 60 degrees, showing what qualities a person will need to develop talents and show them to the world. Despite the happy omen, charm and charisma alone cannot be enough, you will have to work hard to reach the promised heights. In the case of the owner of the Venus-Mars sextile, the work of climbing to the top will be a pleasure, and the process will bring more fateful meetings, applause and joy than the moment of hoisting the winner’s laurel wreath.

Passionate natures, easy-going, optimistic and sociable, ready for adventure and action, so they seize every chance of fortune and use them to the maximum. From the outside, it seems that progress in the profession and on a personal level is easy for them, but only because they do not sit within four walls, complaining about fate, but use enterprise and ingenuity in achieving goals. Only excessive carelessness and reckless impulsive actions can suddenly interrupt the flight to a dream.

Pros and cons of Venus-Mars sextile

Passionate, kindhearted optimists are sensual and compassionate. Adventurism and carelessness are surprisingly combined with nobility and loyalty to marriage vows. Amorous and flirtatious owners of the Venus-Mars sextile experience many romances in their youth, but upon meeting their only beloved, they immediately rebuild themselves under the image of an exemplary family man, reliable and loyal. True, in marriage, they will need personal space, and the Martian energy of determination and independence will not allow them to turn into a dependent link in relationships. Astrologers consider the Venus-Mars sextile a sign of the lucky ones, because it gives a person an arsenal of gifts for success and prosperity:

  • attractive appearance, attractiveness for the opposite sex, ease of communication, altruism;
  • the ability to joke cheerfully and instantly become the soul of the company, arrange a holiday in the midst of gray everyday life;
  • talents in sports, art, handicrafts, working with tools (wood carving, jewelry, sculpture), music and theater;
  • generosity and responsiveness, the desire to give others attention and material gifts, to bring joy;
  • entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatism in the business sphere, the ability to follow through or revive unprofitable projects with a profit;
  • the combination of courtesy, affectionate communication with the persistent retention of one’s line is very successful in the most difficult negotiations.

If one of the planets is in the 8th house , then the native is likely to receive a large inheritance, and being in the 1st sector of the horoscope portends success due to personal charisma and business acumen. At a low level of development, a passion for pleasure, idleness can overwhelm, which later leads to an unwillingness to notice other people’s problems and selfishness.

Love relationships with sextile Venus-Mars

The masculinity of the stronger sex and the femininity of the beautiful are very clearly manifested with the Venus-Mars sextile. Few can resist the native’s powerful charm and graceful manners. At the same time, the wards of the aspect do not absolutize love, despite all the sympathy for the romantic attributes of dating. They sincerely enjoy the earthly manifestation of feelings, taking pleasure in harmless flirting, admiration for fans and serious trusting relationships in marriage.

Inner nobility and devotion will not allow them to deceive and hide romances on the side. They are loyal or honest in the need for a break. However, more often than not, they are lucky with a partner, thanks to whom there is harmony in the emotional, sexual and financial spheres of life, therefore they do not look for the best on the side.

Nevertheless, without adventures, social events and entertainment, marriage will turn into a cage, and the native’s enterprising mind will certainly find a way out of the situation, which can have unpredictable consequences. To avoid problems, the partner needs to generously give attention, tenderness and arrange romantic surprises. The owners of the Venus-Mars sextile will be comfortable in marriage with solar or ascending Leo, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.

Venus-Mars Sextile in the child’s horoscope

Charm and fortitude distinguish the child with the Venus-Mars sextile from the crowd, making him the leader of the team from an early age. He simply cannot stand aside when something interesting or, on the contrary, frankly bad happens, when it is necessary to intervene and save an innocent person. Feelings overwhelm him, which often causes emotional outbursts, or he too persistently demonstrates the need for love and attention, imposing his presence.

Sports, a stage, painting will serve as an excellent way to release the excess of childhood passions and overstrain, and will also become the basis for self-confidence and pride, because the owner of the Venus-Mars sextile brings everything that he undertakes to perfection. A child under the auspices of the aspect quickly becomes a favorite of teachers and classmates, especially if the 3rd house is affected, but he is not threatened with star fever, since he is generous and does not tend to exalt himself over others. It is more interesting for him to communicate with bright and talented like-minded people than to be the only star in the sky.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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