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Sextile Ascending (Descending) node – Chiron: wound of the creator

The lunar nodes are closely connected with the karma of a person in the chain of reincarnations, but even if the native does not believe in the rebirth of the soul, he will easily find their connection with the history of his kind. The South Descending Node accurately reflects the behaviors, thinking, and abilities of the brightest members of family history, which are passed down through generations. The Northern Rising shows where it is most promising to develop now. Often people cling with all their might to the experience of the Descending Node of Ketu, remembering that this is where they were successful, but if you do not develop according to the Ascending Rahu, sooner or later everything will begin to collapse.

Chiron is not a planet, but an asteroid, but he is the messenger of the subtle world, where everything is not as it seems at first glance. It symbolizes a wound that needs healing, but one can only be healed by a desperate desire to correct the aching feeling of personal inferiority and self-doubt. The sextile softens this path, but does not relieve the inner pain.

Karma sextile Chiron with Ascending and Descending nodes

This aspect both bestows rare talents and creates challenges. The native needs to go through them in order to reveal his abilities even brighter. The centaur Chiron, a character in the legends of ancient Greece, was famous for his gift as a healer, musician, philosopher and teacher. The sextile of the Ascending Node with its namesake asteroid speaks of some painful wound of the past. In a previous incarnation, the native could be a healer or enlightener, but he was repaid with evil for good. For example, a woman was a sorceress who cured diseases with the power of herbs and conspiracies, and for this she was condemned or even burned at the stake, although additional factors should indicate a violent death in the past. She could also have been a midwife or a doctor at a time when women were forbidden to practice medicine. A man could teach the children of high-ranking persons, but not receive due respect for himself,

In the present incarnation, they can be realized as healers, astrologers, coaches of esoteric directions, as well as artists, poets, conjurers and masters of magic, provided they serve the good.

The sextile of Chiron with the Descending Node also suggests painful experiences in a past life, but if in the first case a person accepted injustice with humility, then the aspect with Ketu is a sign of abuse of one’s paranormal abilities. Because of jealousy, resentment, anger, the native could engage in black magic, sell love potions, and also weaved intrigues and was two-faced in dealing with high-ranking persons.

In any case, his gifts were realized, but not for the benefit of people. Now, higher powers simply will not allow him to enrich himself at the expense of rare talents, but on the contrary, he will face condemnation or ridicule.

Talents and abilities of the sextile of Chiron and the Ascending Node

The key principle of Chiron is duality, artistry and the unification of different matters into something new. The psychological archetype of the owner of the sextile of a mysterious asteroid with Rahu is a magician or wizard. But we must not forget that Chiron is the co-ruler of Libra, which means that the main talent of the native is diplomacy and the ability to reconcile the warring parties.

At the same time, he easily becomes his own for both sides, in order to eventually bring the conflict to a consensus. This does not mean that you will have to work in a diplomatic consulate, but even as a teacher, a person can create an oasis of peace and kindness in the classroom, and as a director, in the whole school and university.

Having chosen the path of esotericism, the owners of the sextile Chiron – the Ascending Node become secret advisers to politicians, show business stars, businessmen and help them avoid dangers. They also make good psychologists and artists.

Unfortunately, the sextile Chiron – the Ascending Node may not be in demand due to the memory of the subconscious mind about persecution and punishment for the gift of a seer and healer. The native needs to allow himself to be special and not be ashamed of his giftedness. This is especially true for the owners of Chiron in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Talents and abilities of Chiron sextile with the Descending Node

If the North Node provides unlimited opportunities for the realization of the native’s extraordinary talents, and when he is stubborn, leads him to this through painful experiences and stress, then Chiron’s sextile with the South Node turns on when you need to make quick extraordinary decisions in difficult life circumstances. It is then that the native realizes that he has magical powers and diplomatic skills.

There are 2 options here:

  • a person unconsciously recalls his skills and abilities from a past life, along with the ability to weave intrigues, manipulate, charm others for personal gain;
  • the native leads a double life, pretending to be a materialist, but in reality he is engaged in magic, esotericism, under a pseudonym he launches courses of magical success in social networks.

Of course, Chiron’s sextile with the Descending Node is not an obstacle to making money on esoteric talents, but only in case of a noble desire to improve people’s lives. If the native engages in black magic or, as a diplomat, does not reconcile the warring, but pursues a secret policy of inciting conflicts, then he will lose his gift, or fall into his own networks.

When Chiron sextiles with Ketu, a person very keenly feels different from everyone else and tries to assert himself at the expense of his unusual abilities, which leads to the abuse of inner strength when the native violates the free will of another person.

It is best to engage in astrology, psychology, pedagogy, organize a business of wellness procedures like a spa.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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