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Sextile Ascending (Descending) node – Lilith: talent as a temptation

Lilith is also called the Black Moon , and although it is considered a fictitious point, like the karmic nodes themselves , their relationship shows how strong the programs of the past are in the life of the native, which determine his choice, individual reactions, and most importantly – giftedness in one area or another affected by the aspect of houses. The South Descending Node is a symbol of a completed program. Most often, he points to the abilities due to which the ancestors of the native prospered.

These talents can and should be manifested, but one should not be limited only to them, moving towards the Ascending Node. If this node itself is in aspect with Lilith, then certain qualities of character were not revealed in the family, or because of someone else’s envy, insurmountable circumstances and personal demons, the representatives of the family themselves refused to develop their gift and now the native will have to do this.

Karma sextile Lilith with Ascending (Descending) nodes

The talents of the Black Moon are not an easy test. If you go to the highest level of this demonic energy, you can manage your life by being aware of negative emotions and internal intensity of passions. However, in the case of a sextile with the Moon’s nodes, this can only be done by understanding the history of the family and the karmic alignment at the time of one’s birth.

The position of Lilith shows what problems the ancestors faced on the lower floor of the sign and the house. The task of the native is to translate them into a positive one: according to the position of the Ascending node, calculate exactly how to develop and learn everything new as much as possible, and where on the contrary: to give more than to take for yourself if the node is Descending.

For example, the Black Moon in Gemini speaks of the leading role of intellect and Mercurial gifts, which could not manifest themselves in the family because of the fear of gossip and gossip, or, on the contrary, the members of the family succeeded, but talked a lot, condemned others, or even harmed them anonymously and slanders.

The task of the native is to develop intellectually as a writer, journalist, teacher and marketer, but to avoid gossip, gossip and denunciations, and if people do this towards him, not to respond in kind. Thus, both the development of talents according to the sextile of Lilith with any of the nodes, and the study of karma, the dark side of which is indicated by the Black Moon, proceed.

Sextile with the Ascending Node indicates the need to find your uniqueness and the area of activity where you can create something new, different from others. Sextile with the Descending Node, on the contrary, suggests that in a past life a person reveled in a sense of exclusivity and was very vain. Now such manifestations will be strictly blocked.

Talents and opportunities of sextile Lilith with the Ascending node

In the history of the native family, there were cases when his ancestors were embarrassed to reveal their abilities, or it was simply unsafe. Such people could suffer from someone else’s envy and spend many years in prison, for example, in Stalin’s camps, unable to realize themselves. The task of the owner of the horoscope is to find out about the fate of his parents, grandparents, in order to understand what kind of talent he needs to develop.

Ideally, it is good to study their natal charts by looking at 1, 5, 10 houses, but if this is not possible, turn to family history.

In general terms, Lilith’s sextile with the Ascending Node gives a person artistry and artistic abilities, but he will have to learn how to present himself favorably.

At first, the owners of the horoscope resemble navigators who first got behind the wheel of a huge multi-level yacht. They do not quite understand how to control this powerful force and give the impression of arrogant and even arrogant people, but over time, developing on the highest floor of the sign in which Lilith stands, they will understand how to strike a balance between it and the sign of the North Node. Artistry will help them in any field of activity, but excessive amorousness can interfere. There will also be many temptations along the line of the Black Moon. When they become successful, they may well get star fever and begin to abuse their privileges.

The worst thing is to get stuck at the first stage of your achievements, to stop developing and improving.

Talents and opportunities of Lilith sextile with the Descending Node

The accumulated ancestral karma of Ketu in this aspect harmonizes the dark program of Lilith, and moreover, with the help of the most obvious talents of the ancestors, manifested in the family, one can defeat the temptations of the Black Moon.

The native will be tested for loyalty to good every 9 years, then he may face a choice: get what he wants, but give up his principles, or give up what he wants most in the house and sign where Lilith stands in order to keep his soul pure. The second option is the key to development and a calm happy life, and succumbing to temptation, the native will deprive himself of joy and uniqueness. Most often, the temptation is associated with submission to a sponsor or producer and is expressed in complete submission to another person.

Sextile Lilith with the Descending Node also gives a person artistry and the ability to charm anyone at first sight. Unlike the wards of the Rising, he already intuitively knows how to seduce and arrange, but the stronger the temptation to use this for personal gain, but this is the case when the hunter falls into his own networks. It will be especially difficult for those who want to build a career through an office romance. In this incarnation, you need to rely on your true calling, and not physical delicacy and charisma according to Lilith. In the area of the house and the sign, where the Black Moon stands, you need to give more, and not take, but exactly how to do this will show the location of the Ascending Node.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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