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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Mars: master or apprentice

Sextile with lunar karmic nodes emphasizes the importance of the house and sign where the planet stands, as well as its direct relationship with the location of the node itself. By itself, the aspect may not turn on at all if a person does not make personal efforts to develop the talents inherent in him, however, higher powers will always throw up favorable opportunities for the realization of what is desired.

The ascending (North) lunar node gives more freedom in self-expression, but it is difficult to develop along it. Descending (South) symbolizes the experience of a past life, but a person is either not interested in repeating what has already been passed, or he has made so many mistakes that he must now correct them with disinterested work.

Mars frightens many, but sextile with him is a favorable aspect. It helps a person achieve quick success through personal initiative, courage and energy, and they must be shown on time and in the right place, depending on the characteristics of each node.

Mars Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

If the karmic points are associated with Mars, then in a past life the native was most often involved in hostilities or simply had a decisive and penetrating character. It is believed that the Ascending Node and Mars are enemies to each other in conjunction, since Rahu’s gluttony enhances the negative qualities of the red planet, but in sextile it is just easier to direct the stormy Martian energy to achieve goals along the line of destination.

In a past life, such a person served someone’s interests, perhaps he was a soldier who defended his land, or a general who planned offensive tactics. A woman could devote herself to work from dawn to dusk in order to feed her family.

In any case, their initiative had no support, and the action was allowed only with the permission of higher people. In this incarnation, there is every chance to achieve what you want on your own, due to courage, endurance, energy. Moreover, any undertakings of the native will receive admiration and approval of the society. However, the charisma of the winner will have to be developed through situations where you need to show courage and trust your inner instinct.

Sextile Mars-Descending Node implies that in a past life a person, on the contrary, was a leader who was obeyed, and led regiments to attack. A woman with this aspect could be a warrior queen or break social norms by innovating, such as wearing trousers in the 19th century, being trained as a doctor when it was forbidden, or becoming the sole owner of her own land.

However, there were many violations of the laws of karma. The native acted from personal interests and did not think about others. If there are other indications, like Mars in the 12th house with many negative aspects, then the use of violence in order to get what you want is not excluded, which aggravates karma. Now he needs to learn to combine courage and kindness, courage and helping others.

Talents and opportunities of Mars sextile with the Ascending Node

The aspect hints at opportunities, but the owner of the horoscope must work on them himself. Mars is considered an evil planet, and here it manifests itself through the occurrence of not very pleasant circumstances in a person’s life in order to acquire certain skills, which will subsequently lead to success. For example, when a native is hurt at school by a rude classmate, he goes to a karate school, learns to control anger and strength, wins competitions, cultivates discipline and determination in himself, which will later help him achieve higher goals, since the mindset of the leader is already formed.

It is vital for all owners of the Mars-Ascending Node sextile to go in for sports. It helps to awaken creative energy, and physical attractiveness helps to win over people easily. Of course, you still need to develop intelligence and good manners, because Mars, getting a taste, encourages the ward to open the door from his foot, but even rude charisma adds charm to the native if he is engaged in politics, sports, military affairs, and even the real estate business, which is also included in sphere of protection of Mars. A person needs to learn to rejoice in the results of personal initiative and not go into the service of someone. The main task is to be the master of your business and life.

Talents and opportunities sextile Mars-Descending Node

A native with this aspect does not need to develop the charisma of a winner, because he is gifted with it in abundance from birth. In childhood, such people can be aggressive and tough to defend their positions. They like to be first, do not share anything and often fight, although much depends on the position and aspects of other personal planets. Growing up, they realize that the combination of charm and inner strength is more useful than fighting.

But their initiative is often punishable and does not immediately receive support, despite really relevant calls to action. This is exactly the case when the active part of the work needs to be delegated, and the strategy and tactics should be thought out on your own. You no longer need to lead the attack, you can stay behind the battle line, but come up with counteractions to all scenarios. However, the native often lives in the South Node and does not understand why he constantly has quarrels and conflicts during business negotiations.

In this incarnation, the holders of the Mars-Ascending Node sextile can take leadership positions in politics and social activities, but they need to assemble a support team and act not according to an impulsive one-man plan, but within the framework of a general plan. It is also important to engage in charity, to protect the interests of the offended and the poor. A Mars-Ketu sextile woman cannot compete with men.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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