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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Mercury

The lunar nodes are fictitious points showing the karmic experience that is already in a person’s baggage, and the one that needs to be experienced and acquired in order not to degrade. Usually it is easier and easier for a person to develop along the line of the Descending (South) Node, because favorable aspects with it contribute to the early awakening of talents, the memory of which lives in the subconscious. It is not necessary to ignore them, but it is better to use them as a springboard for mastering the sphere of influence of the Ascending (North) Node.

Sextile is an ambiguous aspect. He gives talents, but they need to be developed and you yourself should catch luck by the tail. But this excludes the laziness of the owners of the trine, who are accustomed to go with the flow of favorable circumstances. Mercury’s sextile with the Ascending and Descending Nodes is impossible to ignore. This is a karmic aspect, implying the leading role of the intellect in the life of the native. At the same time, at a low level of development, a person will be attracted to fraud and manipulation of people’s minds.

Mercury Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Lunar nodes are closely connected with a person’s past life, as well as generic programs. A planet in aspect with them shows that the ancestors of a person had a certain pattern of behavior, which was inherited by the owner of the horoscope. The owners of the sextile of Mercury with the Descending Node seem to be born with an already developed intellect, ready for practical application.

There must have been journalists, writers, poets, or simply comprehensively developed people in the human family, but it is possible that someone, or the native himself, in the past incarnation used his intellect and sleight of hand to the detriment of people for personal enrichment. It is no coincidence that Mercury was originally considered the patron of deceivers and thieves.

Depending on the events of the past, the native will show himself as a talented student who writes poetry and actively speaks at student forums, or, as before, he will be fascinated by the sphere of deceit, intrigue and gossip.

In fairness, the South Node will immediately block the person’s unfavorable plans, which will be a clear hint that you need to go the other way.

The owners of the sextile of Mercury with the Ascending Node in a past life tirelessly studied and strived to make the world a better place. Perhaps they could not reveal their abilities due to events that they could not influence: because of the war they did not receive the necessary education or were forced to take care of their younger brothers and sisters.

In this life, the North Node opens a portal to a world where there will be no obstacles to the development of intelligence. It is more difficult for them to learn than for the owners of the Mercury-South Node sextile, but they have an insatiable need for new knowledge, information and practical skills, which makes it easy to achieve recognition, even if they act in a not entirely honest way. Their deceit and cunning in this incarnation will not receive punishment, which does not exclude karmic retribution in the next life.

Talents and opportunities of Mercury sextile with the Ascending Node

Thanks to the insatiable thirst for knowledge, the native reads a lot and is always up to date with world news, and most importantly, the prevailing trends and trends. This combination creates an incredible fountain of ideas. Here it is important whether there are oppositions of personal planets in the natal chart, especially the Moon and Mars, because the only thing that can prevent a person from expressing himself publicly, whether it be a written or oral presentation of innovative ideas, is his inner fears.

In the presence of trines, Mercury sextile with the Ascending Node brings early popularity as a journalist, writer, businessman, TV presenter, and universal approval of any fiction, even if at first they seem strange.

In addition, younger brothers and sisters or friends who are a couple of years younger become sources of brilliant ideas and inspirers. However, this is not a permanent support mode, but a situation where a randomly expressed thought or joke suddenly prompts the native to understand how to turn them into profitable projects.

At the same time, he will not destroy the usual foundations of society, unless Uranus is in conjunction with the North Node, but will try to improve the system that has long existed. A person knows how to negotiate, sell his knowledge and transfer it to other people.

Talents and abilities of Mercury sextile with the Descending Node

The aspect also emphasizes the main role of intelligence and artistry in the fate of a person: he is sensitive to the trends of social life, fashion, often speaks slang and knows how to seem like his own in any company. These are potential employees of advertising, media and marketing, assistants to politicians and show business stars.

But there is a difference: the owners of the sextile Mercury-Descending Node prefer to remain in the shadows, for example, they will prefer to work as editors of television programs, rather than go on the air as a news anchor. They will write great warm-up scripts and sales posts for bloggers as a copywriter, but they themselves will not become very visible on social networks.

In a past life, they were stars due to their intellect, but now they unconsciously seek practical benefits from it and more freedom for themselves. The exception is the Sun in fire signs or on the Meridian of the Midheaven, as well as in conjunction with the Ascending Node.

Despite the obvious talent of a person to weave various intrigues against competitors and get out of any situation, one should not succumb to the false sense of permissiveness that sextile gives at first. The descending node will not allow the ward to use the shadow side of Mercury for a long time. It is especially dangerous when the aspect affects the 12th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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