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Jupiter-Neptune Sextile. Along the path of mother Teresa

Sextile includes in a person the best qualities of planets connected at an angle of 60 degrees. Higher powers wait until they manifest themselves through work and dedication and give a chance to become famous or get rich thanks to the recognition of talents, but if a person is lazy and despondent, then favorable opportunities pass by.

The owners of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile constantly live in enthusiastic admiration for the wonders of the Universe and will clearly not miss the sign from above. Sometimes religious enthusiasm and sentimental altruism irritate more mundane people. Respect for the personality and rights of living beings is the native’s main position. He does not divide the world into good and bad, standing up for justice and forgiveness. This is an artist, poet, painter or priest.

Pros and cons of Jupiter-Neptune sextile

Nativa is distinguished by an extraordinary, unearthly charm and gentleness in communication, instantly attracting people to him. Even if he does not choose the path of a priest, religious rites and practices occupy an important place in life. This is an innate Christian humility and service to one’s neighbor, a willingness to help and sacrifice one’s own interests.

Excessive elevation of thoughts is complemented by inability to everyday life and impracticality. For the owner of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile, the most difficult thing is walking through the bureaucratic authorities, paperwork and litigation.

But in artistic and literary creativity there is no equal and the flight of imagination is not limited to harsh reality. To compensate for infantilism, it is necessary to work out Saturn and Mercury, and also to study well the strengths and weaknesses of the aspect:

  • affability, friendliness, mysticism, deep sensuality and empathy, mercy;
  • emotional intuition, a tendency to fall into religious ecstasy and read information from subtle planes;
  • sentimentality and gullibility – when Neptune is struck, it easily becomes a victim of fraudsters playing on a feeling of pity;
  • addiction to lush and beautiful ceremonies, theater, shows and festivals;
  • indifference to money and the attributes of luxury in personal life, a bohemian lifestyle, vagrancy or missionary service;
  • inability to endure the physical and mental suffering of others for a long time;
  • organizational talents wake up, if necessary, to organize assistance to the disabled, animals, orphans;
  • wealth comes from activities related to oil, water, marine exploration;
  • the desire to drown out emotional experiences with alcohol, drugs;
  • the ability to win over high officials, celebrities and sponsors, especially if asked for charitable projects.

The talents of the owners of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile are also manifested in psychology, medicine and healing, especially if the Moon is strong. With a strong Sun – a direct path to art. It is favorable to live in nature near the water, therefore, intuitively, a person prefers the village to the city.

Love relationships with sextile Jupiter-Neptune

Men and women with the Jupiter-Neptune sextile are impressionable, gullible and enthusiastic, so they often fall in love through admiration for the beauty of the chosen one or his wonderful talents. They are attracted to two types of people. The first is creative, bright, beautiful outwardly, which seem to be inaccessible and therefore it is easy to put them on a pedestal. The second – the unfortunate, the victims and survivors of the tragedy, who must be saved and taken care of.

This is where the insidiousness of the Neptunian fog of illusion appears. Handsome men turn out to be far from noble princes, and unfortunate Cinderellas are talented swindlers.

Although at a high spiritual level of development, having got rid of painful sentimentality, carriers of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile attract an equally pure-hearted, exalted partner, or, conversely, a punchy one, with a practical acumen and a kind heart, ready to help in a noble struggle against evil.

The native has a huge supply of love and forgiveness, which, on the one hand, makes the relationship with him pleasant, but on the other hand, he is also generously ready to surround strangers, beggars and sick people with love and attention, which causes bewilderment for a marriage partner, especially if he is aimed at earthly, family everyday life. Good union with people who have Jupiter and Venus in Pisces or Aquarius.

Jupiter-Neptune sextile in children and the strengthening of the aspect by the power of stones

A child with such an aspect in the horoscope should be strongly guarded and tirelessly warned about the dangers of communicating with strangers, even if they ask to save a sick kitten or, pretending to be sick, invite him to sit in the car and show the way.

Children with the Jupiter-Neptune sextile are kind as angels, they always rush to help, not thinking about their safety. In order to avoid death by negligence together with the victim, parents need to teach them to provide first aid correctly and think about their value to the world.

With negative aspects of Neptune, the child’s self-esteem is underestimated. He is in the clouds, does not notice that the skirt or trousers are worn backwards and often serves as the object of ridicule in the classroom. Instead of sports, it is advisable to practice dancing.

Decorations with amethyst , blue topaz and aventurine will help to enhance the Jupiter-Neptune sextile at any age , harmonizing the light and creative sides of their union.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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