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Selena (White Moon) in the 12th house

A sign of light karma and merit to society, the White Moon, called by astrologers Selena, symbolizes the protection and support of the Higher Powers at the location in the horoscope. It enhances the influence of nearby planets and ennobles the influence of the zodiac sign, where it is, and the closer to the Ascendant , the stronger its magical influence.

The White Moon in the 12th house appears in people who have almost completely worked out the problems of karma, who observed in the past incarnation the commandment of love for enemies who sacrificed themselves for the sake of dear people or the people of their country. Now they have been given infinite freedom to implement plans and strong protection from intrigue, provided that all actions will be for the benefit of others, and the main talent is the ability to turn enemies into friends.

Influence of Selena in the 12th house on fate

In the first half of life, the owners of such Selena undividedly enjoy the favor of the White Moon, but if they do not show the required spiritual qualities of character and do not pass the test for strength every seven years, equal to the cycle of its rotation, then they lose connection with the angel and the gifts given initially.

It is important to know that Selena in the 12th house inspires a secluded lifestyle in nature. It is this style of existence that will help these natives to develop psychic abilities, unprecedented intuition, telepathy and the gift of a healer. It is interesting that in this incarnation it is contraindicated for such people to make a career, hold a high-ranking post and strive for popularity (which Lilith can push in the 5th and 1st houses in fire signs), since this will lead them away from the main task – spiritual improvement and helping others.

  • The owners of the White Moon in the 12th house should focus on the main areas of its fateful impact:
  • the ability to Christian forgiveness, forgiveness of sins and offenses, doing good in response to evil, which will redeem karma for future generations;
  • love for one’s neighbor and helping the weak through psychology, medicine, prayer, art therapy;
  • creating beautiful works of art in literature and painting, enlightening souls;
  • the ability to concentrate on the good when communicating even with notorious villains and the transformation of villains into normal people;
  • awareness of the presence of an earthly guardian angel nearby, whose mission is to help the native on the karmic path in order to purposefully work together to improve the fate of the planet;
  • the need to keep the secrets and secrets of other people, to be more silent than to talk, to develop mental strength;
  • marriage union for love with mutual support of spiritual growth;
  • the study of the secret occult sciences and oriental healing practices with a good purpose and an understanding of their impact on humans to resist evil.

Children with Selena in the 12th house are real angels, serious and laconic. They help the weak and unsuccessful, take care of wounded animals, and from an early age are fond of herbal medicine and prayer practice. It is necessary to communicate with them confidentially and carefully, so as not to injure the soul open to the divine light.

Three degrees of karmic manifestation of Selena in the 12th house

The White Moon opens a stream of force in proportion equal to the spiritual development and awareness of the natives. Some people cannot connect with them because of the accumulated resentment, anger, a waste of natural energy.

Avoiding the karmic mission of helping people solve problems closes the source of grace. Selena in the 12th house manifests itself in the life of its wards according to three levels of development:

1. Lower – such people vaguely realize that they are able to somehow accomplish what they want, and spiteful critic who plot against them fall into their own traps. They use force for selfish purposes: they leak information to the right people, organize coalitions, spy, become the secret leaders of a secret organization. Double life and dark deeds with an external light appearance ultimately lead to exposure and spiritual degradation.

2. Medium – obstacles on the way to the goal disappear by themselves. These natives possess secret knowledge, but use it for the benefit of society. The talent of a forensic scientist, investigator, detective, writer, physician, pharmacist. Often they manifest themselves as priests with missionary activities in prisons or psychologists studying the mentality of the criminal. Evil in any form does not harm them. Others seek to help fulfill the mission to harmonize the energy of the universe.

3. Supreme – such natives possess a colossal energy reserve and a direct connection with the Divine mind. These are religious practices who live in solitude and know how to manage the secret threads of fate, but they do it competently and carefully. Their prayers strengthen the light side of the world.

At any level, the owners of Selena in 12th house are surrounded by a protective field that pushes enemies back their own evil.

Important aspects with other planets

The favorable aspects of Selena in the 12th house with the Moon and Neptune incredibly sharpen intuition, bestow clairvoyance and the ability to foresee the consequences of events many steps forward.

The conjunction of the White Moon with Mars contributes to the materialization of words: it is enough to wish something emotionally and it instantly comes true, with Pluto – makes these natives  secret rulers of thoughts or the rulers of secret organizations, with Mercury –  writers and researchers whose words society listens to, with Venus – give love for one’s neighbor, transforming people, reviving them to life according to the laws of good and justice.

Unfavorable aspects with the planets foreshadow the need for a confrontation with evil: the native will have to suffer in order to reach the level of the creator of the light reality.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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