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Selena (White Moon) in the 6th house

The sphere of life, where the greatest number of good deeds was performed, is marked in the horoscope by the sign of a guardian angel named Selena or White Moon. It shows the source of energy and healing divine love. The highest qualities of the zodiac sign and the house of its location, manifested in the character of the native, will save from dangers and evil, and lead to a new round of luck.

It is especially important to monitor compliance with the postulates of good every seventh year of rotation of the invisible planet. It is then that an examination of loyalty to ideals takes place, and protection from above is strengthened or weakened. The owners of the White Moon in the 6th house in past lives were either saints who selflessly helped others, or self-loving sinners, called in this incarnation to voluntary self-restraint and service to spiritual ideas.

Influence of Selena in the 6th house on fate

The sacrifices and austerities necessary for success and spiritual development will not be perceived painfully, due to the peculiarities of the healing vibrations of the White Moon, in addition, the owners of such Selena are initially endowed with incredibly stable immunity and good health, which may be imperceptible under normal circumstances, but is obvious during infectious epidemics or disasters.

Serving others under the influence of Selena in the 6th house takes place through medicine, traditional healing, psychological assistance, homework, and care for the elderly, wherever sincere sympathy and support is required. People in this position can enter a new round of development by developing the qualities of the White Moon:

  • humble and unswerving fulfillment of duties at work and at home;
  • a high sense of responsibility for commitments made: any deviation from the promises made and the discrepancy between words and deeds weaken the connection with the guardian angel;
  • life in the bosom of nature, farming and animal husbandry;
  • care, upbringing, caring for small children and pets;
  • assistance in the performance of physical labor, in economic affairs for the elderly and the weak;
  • any support for sick loved ones: sit by the bed, read, entertain, follow the medication regimen, go to the grocery store;
  • a philosophical attitude to life’s difficulties, the development of humility, if necessary, obey, follow orders;
  • fasting, asceticism as a way to cleanse the soul of dark experiences and move towards the fulfillment of desire;
  • the practice of healing physical education: yoga, qigong and martial arts with deep philosophy – aikido, kung fu.

Children with Selena in the 6th house rarely get sick and love animals very much. They really need a pet to take care of tirelessly. They also love to tinker with younger siblings.

Three karmic steps of the White Moon in the 6th house

The strength of the manifestation of Divine protection depends on the moral and spiritual development of the native, the amount of good done in the family and the correct understanding of the karmic task in this incarnation. According to it, trials or rewards will be given at three levels:

1. Lower – there will be either persistent immunity to diseases, despite the lifestyle, sometimes far from healthy nutrition and sports, or, conversely, a lot of diseases to overcome the sins of the family. Such individuals can be healed in a miraculous way, despite the predictions of doctors, or fight an illness for many years, working on the highest qualities of Selena in the 6th house. Exacerbation of problems occurs every seventh year, so it is advisable to undergo medical examinations and change tactics of behavior.

2. Medium – good health, remarkable physical strength, joy from working days, sincere help to others who seek to facilitate the work of a native and take on heavy responsibilities: helping around the house, at least, so that there is time for charity and heart-to-heart talk with those in need …

3. Highest – doctors, energy healers of people and animals, living in spiritual austerity. Communication with them enlightens the soul, harmonizes the aura, and improves health.

If such individuals are given a disease as a test, then regardless of the level of development, they have internal resources for healing. They will always have a good relationship with doctors who are instantly sympathetic and empathic, and will strive to help in the best possible way.

Important aspects of the White Moon in the 6th house with planets

Favorable configurations of Selena with the Moon and Neptune in the 6th house enhance natural energy, psychic and empathic abilities and help the success of doctors, psychologists, actors, and writers. Harmonious connections with the Sun give an unlimited supply of energy and health, with Mars – a penchant for agricultural work, skillfulness: manual creativity relieves of depression and stagnation, with Saturn – the ability to calculate, plan, organize things in the best way for a team of employees and like-minded people, with Venus – attracts partners who contribute to becoming a healthy lifestyle.

Negative aspects with these planets speak of unworked karma, the need to strictly observe austerities and obligations in order to facilitate the fate of descendants.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 6th House:


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