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Selena (White Moon) in the 9th house

The White Moon, called Selena by astrologers, is a fictitious point, an invisible planet, symbolizing a guardian angel in a sphere where people in a past lives or their relatives in previous generations did a lot of good and selfless things. Now goodness is rewarded: protection from dangers and fateful chances every seven years, if the rules of justice and purity of thoughts are observed along the line of the location of the angelic sign.

Selena in the 9th house gives the wings of wandering. On a subconscious level, people know that happiness, success and prosperity await them in other countries. Probably, in the past, they were  missionaries or pilgrims, healing souls through filling with new knowledge, since now they are attracted by other religions and cultures, and creativity is more easily embodied in a foreign language, especially in a harmonious tandem with Mercury and Jupiter.

Influence of Selena in the 9th house on fate

The mind of such natives is bright, and the views are liberal. These are sages who recognize the right to exist of all religions and philosophical concepts, greedy for knowledge. They are a priori sympathetic to representatives of the upper social class, wealthy sponsors and patrons, so they easily create their own schools with a progressive and creative approach to teaching, publish books, create television programs that break age-old stereotypes of views on history and psychology.

The owners of the White Moon in the 9th house are innovators and reformers who draw knowledge far from their homelands, since they are inhabitants of the Universe in a broad sense: thanks to past merits, they are welcome everywhere. Even without money and a passport abroad, they will find patrons and assistants for a triumphant return, enriched with new experience and knowledge. Harmonious Selena in the 9th house helps in other areas as well, inspiring:

  • development of intelligence, mental abilities: these natives absorb mountains of books, easily grasp foreign dialects, fluently speak several languages;
  • love for everything exotic, unlike the familiar environment, interest in other religions;
  • thirst for travel and adventure, with the aim of expanding the boundaries of their own “I”, challenge the conventions of society;
  • falling in love and marriage with a partner of a different culture, faith, mentality is perceived as an exciting adventure, without which relationships are devoid of passion and inspiration;
  • setting up a business in another country through publishing, educational, public activities;
  • success in teaching all ages and creating new pedagogical systems.

The close location of Selena in the 9th house of the MC (Midheaven) reinforces the importance of the karmic task of being a spiritual teacher carrying an educational mission to the dark masses of consciousness. Higher powers will always help on this path, providing helpers and finances.

Selena’s three karmic levels in the 9th house

In the presence of negative aspects or Lilith next to the White Moon, the owners of such Selena are torn between the desire for light and the temptation of the dark side of force. They know how to change the minds of other people, persuade them to abandon their usual value systems and, if desired, easily make them do their will.

Every seven years, the Divine forces check the loyalty to the ideals of Selena in the 9th house, weakening the protection if the ward has turned off the true path. Therefore, the manifestations of the magical power of the White Moon depend on the level of spiritual development of its carrier:

1. The lowest – these natives get used to the fact that learning and the necessary knowledge are given easily, go with the flow. These are the people who do not prepare diligently for the exam, but pull out a good ticket, then relax and do not notice how luck betrays them. Without the habit of working, karmic “bonuses” disappear without a trace. To maintain the protection of Selena, it is necessary to develop intelligence and share knowledge, and not use the patronage of patrons and an indicative set of school erudition.

2. Medium – such people express respect for the Higher Mind through achievements and the process of working for the good of society. Travel is a springboard to spiritual growth, the accumulation of experiences that serve the purposes of education and healing. During a stay in another country, the necessary information flows to these natives, defenders and assistants appear, circumstances develop in the right way. A loved one is attracted, striving for the development of the soul and the embodiment of the vocation.

3. Higher – teachers, mentors, missionaries selflessly bringing the light of enlightenment to countries with a low literacy rate.

At any level, the 9th house carrier of Selena is protected during travel, business trips, banking and trading abroad.

Important aspects with other planets

The positive aspects of the White Moon with the Sun in the 9th house show the natives with such Selena as a source of knowledge and higher wisdom, they talk about medical abilities with the Moon, and in combination with Uranus portend brilliant discoveries that improve the body’s healing systems. Selena’s good connections with Mercury are also important, enlightening and sharpening the mind, flexibility of thinking, and with Jupiter, thanks to which people are able to use the power of knowledge and power for fair decisions and multiply their achievements.

Quadratures with these planets speak of the need to develop the highest qualities they represent, to overcome obstacles with faith in goodness. Bad aspects with Mars, Pluto and Neptune, having references to the 3rd and 8th house, require caution when traveling and communicating with foreigners.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 9th House:


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