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Ascendant Conjunction – Selena: happy hours are not observed

Until recently, it was believed that Selena does not have a strong influence on a person without being in conjunction with a specific planet, since it is in the evolutionary process. Practical studies of recent times have confirmed that this is no longer entirely true, and there are general trends in the manifestation of the White Moon in the fate of the card holder.

Ascendant , also known as the Rising Sign, is of great importance in shaping the character, demeanor, choosing an external image for interacting with the world, therefore any, even fictitious, point on it also contributes to these directions. Selena is the inner light and the desire to do good, when a person is born already aimed at serving good goals, although it is not a fact that he will choose this on his own, and here spiritual growth or a fall into the abyss already begins.

Features of the connection of Selena with the Ascendant

For a complete picture of the influence of the aspect, it is necessary to analyze the additional connections of the planets with the Ascendant, and especially those that are next to the White Moon or aspect it. A very interesting moment is observed: thanks to Selena, others consider a person to be kind, good and incredibly bright, even if this is not so.

In most cases, the owner of the card associates himself with his Ascendant and tries to behave according to it, even if astrology is far from it, but this happens intuitively.

Accordingly, the following is obtained:

  • the native considers himself a warrior of light or just a good person and demonstrates this philosophy in every possible way in practice;
  • the native does not consider himself kind and bright, reproaches for mistakes and sins, and is very surprised when others think that he is almost a saint;
  • the native is well aware that he has the image of a good guy or girl, and uses this moment to his advantage.

Outwardly, the owners of the connection of the White Moon and the Ascendant look like fabulous princes and princesses, especially in their youth. We can say that this is the sign of Cinderella for women. However, Selena does not always look like a good fairy godmother who comes to the rescue at the most unexpected moment.

Much depends on the aspects of personal planets, the position and connections of karmic nodes .

The fact is that being on the Ascendant automatically includes Selena in the axis 1 – 7 at home, in opposition to the Descendant, and if there is an opposition with the planets there, then a kind and good native will initially work out relationships with the opposite sex and partnership of any kind in life.

He will have to:

  • pass various tests to test your kindness in a clash with evil: Cinderella at the stage of life with her stepmother and sisters;
  • fight for your image of a good person, proving it with deeds;
  • to include in partners through communication, personal example and behavior positive character traits, when an initially negatively inclined person softens and recalls eternal values;
  • cultivate in yourself the exclusively positive qualities of the planets of the 7th house in order to finally meet worthy partners, and not abusers.

Depending on the development of personal planets, a person will be loved and welcomed in any society, or he will have to suffer this right, like Cinderella. The main thing is not to miss a happy opportunity during transits to the Ascendant Selena from Jupiter, Venus and Chiron.

The conjunction of Selena and the Ascendant in different signs

If there are no planets near the White Moon, it enhances the positive influence of the sign in which the Ascendant falls, and also indirectly supports the ruler of this sign. It is very good if Selena is associated with him by an aspect, or he is in a sign of a friendly element or an angular house. This means that in these areas the native will be lucky.

If the Ascendant is in the signs of fire, then a person is simply obliged to be a leader and take responsibility for making decisions, organize and lead, even if his Sun is in a weak position or oppositions. Selena will soften these contradictions, and the sign of the Ascendant will help the daylight flare up brightly.

An ascending sign in the element of air involves working with information for the benefit of people, but God forbid using it for harm, for example, wasting time in social networks, gossiping, slandering colleagues at work, this simply will not allow Selena to turn on, neutralize the field of luck around the native.

The connection of the White Moon with the Ascendant in the signs of the earth will ennoble the career aspirations of a person. He does not just earn money and gain a high status, but wants to become an example of success through this and help others financially.

The aspect in the element of water endows the native with spiritual beauty and artistry. Such people dream of manifesting themselves in art, serving the weak and helpless, which can be expressed in boundless kindness, altruism, charity, and, accordingly, the choice of helping professions in astrology, medicine, psychology, and social services.

How to work out the connection of Selena with the Ascendant

It should be understood that this is a sign of a certain predisposition to the service of good. Selflessness, love for one’s neighbor, help and support will always return to the native multiplied many times over. It is these energies that will turn on Selena, and, accordingly, the connection with higher powers. If for some reason a person purposefully chooses evil, goes over the heads, takes revenge, harms someone intentionally, then the White Moon simply will not work, and there can be no talk of any magical progress towards the goals. Thus, the presence of divine support and protection depends only on the will of man.

It is very important for the parents of a child with the conjunction of the Ascendant and Selena to know this in order to cultivate the necessary qualities in him from childhood. Until the age of 7, higher forces take care of the safety of the native, and then everything will develop according to his choice.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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