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Chiron – Selena connection: the keys to solving all problems

The asteroid Chiron was discovered in 1977. It is considered to be a conductor of energies from the main planets of the septener to the higher, transuranic ones, therefore it has a dual relationship to the visible and invisible both in space and in the symbolic influence on the life of the native. There is fierce debate about its power, as well as about Selena (White Moon), a fictitious point, which is considered the guardian angel of the horoscope, but acts so subtly and sometimes invisibly that the native does not notice the bright physical presence of its influence.

The combination of these two mysterious characters makes the native an amazing personality. Selena ennobles the duality of Chiron. Usually he knows how to be his own both in the light and in the darkness, like the cunning Odysseus, but here his acting, musical and healing talents come to the fore.

Features of the connection of Chiron and Selena

The aspect gives a person a strong craving for the secret sciences, esotericism, alternative medicine, especially acupuncture, Reiki, and various energy practices. It seems to a person that he understands the language of animals, birds, feels the energies of trees and herbs, especially if the connection is in the 6th house or the sign of Virgo.

He has an innate ability to heal with his hands, being a conductor of higher powers, to read thoughts, to see the future through the symbolism of lines on his hand, Tarot cards, drawings on the bottom of a coffee cup.

In the presence of favorable aspects of Neptune, Mercury and Mars, this may be a sign of choosing the profession of a doctor or healer, as well as a combination of these two directions, which in itself is unusual.

Selena means chosenness in a certain area, and Chiron gives a creative and non-standard approach, which makes the native a great original and innovator, but without eccentricities and excesses.

In the best case, this is a genius – a friend of paradoxes. If everyone says it’s impossible, the native finds a way to materialize what he wants.

The influence of the White Moon is expressed in the fact that he chooses noble paths for the fulfillment of his plans, unless, of course, he is at a high level of development.

Selena protects the owner of the horoscope, because once his ancestors, in the sphere of that house and the sign where she is, did a lot of good and good for the benefit of the world. It is here that nothing bad will happen to him, even if he gets into a difficult situation, help will come from no one knows where.

The connection with Chiron hints that the ancestors of man were doctors, healers, missionary teachers, musicians or actors by vocation. They could be itinerant circus performers or doctors, priests who combine spiritual ministry with the treatment of physical bodies, multifaceted researchers of reality and creators like Leonardo da Vinci. Such people were ahead of their time in many ways, which was their feat of opposing the system.

The main advantage that was inherited by the native was the ability to find a solution for the benefit of all participants, to give wise advice, to give a kind of key to the portal to a new life for other people, whether it be advice, a gift, healing or a personal example.

Dangers of the Chiron-Selena compound

White Moon is not a fairy tale angel. In addition to protection, at a low level of human development, it gives him unshakable confidence in his rightness. As a rule, this concerns the theme of the house where the aspect stands.

If this is the 2nd house, the native can be sure that wealth is not the main thing in life, you need to do what you like, and money will fall over as needed. He may want to earn extra money exclusively through hobbies or esotericism with herbalism, denying the very possibility of a normal provision for himself and his family. With such a position, people do not stay long at one place of work, they do not even draw up work books and contracts.

The connection of Chiron with Selena in the 8th house at a high level of development is a sign of getting a lot of money through astrology, acting and healing, but at a low level of awareness, a person plays magic to make money from it. At the same time, he does not feel sorry for those whom he deceives, and this is precisely the overshadowing influence of Selena. Because of him, the native believes that gullible and stupid people are worthy of such retribution.

How to work out the connection Selena – Chiron

The native needs to accept his uniqueness and difference from others, which are expressed in the ability to understand esoteric directions: Tarot, astrology, numerology, and also read information telepathically. If there is an inclination towards healing, it is necessary to undergo training.

At an average level of development, a person is artistic, plastic and musical, he has a need to devote his life to art and there is no material interest.

Sometimes this leads to serious internal contradictions, because you want to do what you love and not be distracted by everyday life and paying bills.

In this case, it is necessary to start donating to charity, but to do it no longer financially, but creatively, for example, to hold free concerts and master classes for children and adults, without paid appointments in healing and psychology, for example, in initial diagnostics. This works in every field.

It is worth starting to give something away for free through the line of Chiron (especially knowledge on the subject of the house where the aspect stands), as Selena finds a way to return the blessing to the native in ways that are already very tangible and pleasant for him.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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