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Conjunction Moon – Lilith: it’s all about mom

Conjunction is one of the strongest aspects, creating something new from the merging of planetary energies. However, Lilith is a fictitious point, she, like a vampire, clings to the second member of the union and devastates him, simultaneously changing the nature of energy. Thus, there is a certain transformation of the Moon and a distortion of its principles.

The native has an unstable, changeable psyche. This is facilitated by undeveloped childhood fears and difficult relationships with the mother. Men with this aspect endure emotional trauma in their relationship with their wife, turning into tyrants or henpecked, and it is difficult for women to open up as spouses and mothers, they are hindered by complexes and fears. The aspect must be harmonized, because it does not allow you to live in peace and self-acceptance.

Features of the conjunction of the Moon and Lilith

The Black Moon is associated precisely with repressed fears and hidden childhood traumas. A person may not even remember or be aware of them, but he acts according to the scenario of Lilith, who literally squeezes negative emotions and experiences out of him in the theme of the house and the connection sign.

If the Black Moon is exalted, vanity and the desire to influence the public, control their emotions and become an object of popular love come to the fore, which, however, turns out quite easily, given the artistry and charisma of the native with such a combination.

The easiest way to influence people’s feelings is through their beliefs and the need for entertainment, so often the owners of the horoscope become not only psychologists and coaches, but also the creators of totalitarian sects, enjoying their art of manipulating other people through emotional impact.

If Lilith is in a fall, and especially when the Moon is also weak, then the native himself is easily inspired and controlled. Moreover, he has a masochistic need for submission:

  • “black” teacher, religious representatives, gurus of destructive sects and dubious organizations;
  • scammers and criminals, aggressive personalities;
  • toxic partners, whether it be a husband or wife, colleagues, superiors.

In the case when the sign of connection strengthens Lilith and weakens the Moon, or vice versa, a person first comes as a student to esotericism, in complete delight and admiration for the teacher, but mastering the skill, he becomes a guru himself. The same applies to other areas, such as show business, psychology, culinary arts and pedagogy.

The mother of the native also has a tendency to manipulate her child by projecting her fears onto him. Passionately wanting to be free, the daughter of such a woman then unconsciously copies this model of behavior, and the son chooses a wife similar to her.

Positive manifestations of the connection Lilith-Moon

Since Lilith is the apogee of the lunar orbit, she is most connected with this planet, and the connection is felt very sensitively. Such a person does not always understand whether the explosion of his emotions in public is appropriate, but perceives the whole world as a theater.

Of course, such excesses in behavior and incontinence in the manifestation of emotions can irritate others, but almost always he is in the center of everyone’s attention, which brings him popularity, although not always positive.

However, at a high level of consciousness, the native begins to understand how to manage not only his emotions, but also other people through them. This makes him an incredibly charismatic and attractive singer, artist of any genre, psychologist, salesman and school teacher. He understands the needs of people, their requests for care, participation, enjoyment of beauty and art, satisfaction of both material (buying the right thing) and emotional needs: to calm down, relax, experience delight, joy, sadness.

The connection of Lilith and the Moon at a high level of spirituality allows you to read the emotions of others and help them control themselves, therefore the native is by nature an excellent psychologist, astrologer, tarot reader who can read information from subtle planes.

In addition, such people have incredible intuition, even in relationships with abusers, they manage to anticipate outbursts of negativity and prevent blows.

Harmonization of the conjunction of the Moon with Lilith

The study of this aspect should begin with the relationship with the mother, as the first contact with the outside world. Sometimes it is important to study the programming period: 9 months before, during and after pregnancy, when maternal attitudes were laid in the mind of the child. This must be done if the native has an incomprehensible fear of relationships, marriage, motherhood or fatherhood, falls in love with inappropriate toxic personalities all the time and generally feels distrust of the world around him.

In this case, there is no reliance on oneself, which was broken or, in principle, absent due to dependence or overprotection of the mother, which means that a person will either crave the worship of the crowd in any case, intoxicated with a sense of self-worth, or, like a fish-stick, will find someone similar to the mother of a partner to whom, out of habit, she will obey, because she does not know how otherwise.

Working out the weaknesses of Lilith’s connection with the Moon goes through working with a psychologist, performing on stage in any genre, singing, drawing, teaching what a person can do best, even if it’s just a hobby.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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