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Luna-Selene Conjunction: Take up your cross

The influence of the so-called White Moon (Selena) is less studied than the influence of the Black Moon (Lilith), for the same reason that evil is more noticeable than good in life. However, despite the image of Selena as the guardian angel of the horoscope, she is not so unambiguous and her manifestation in fate does not always lend itself to human ideas about good. This is a passionless universal guard, standing guard over the interests of the soul of the native. Also, everyone has free will. Selena warns, but does not prevent her from going her own way.

The moon is associated with our deepest emotions, it is a place of maximum comfort. This is the archetype of relationships with mother, wife, women of the family. In conjunction with Selena, the significance of these topics increases. Someone will choose to serve the family, and the chosen ones will become mothers of the world, priests, doctors, those who are trying to heal the earth. However, there are pitfalls here as well.

Features of the influence of the connection Luna – Selena

The aspect may go unnoticed by the common man. We must not forget about the karmic theme, which is especially pronounced here. Far from astrology and esotericism, men and women are likely to take for granted the love and care of their mother, a good partner for marriage, which they meet almost from school, while others have been looking for love for years. They tend to have a good family and warm relationships with children.

All this is explained by the light karma of the family. Selene, a mathematical point, is akin to Lilith, and she personalizes the good deeds of the native’s ancestors in a particular house of the horoscope. In the 2nd – a person reaps the fruits of the wise and disinterested behavior of the representatives of the family in the field of work and money, in the 4th – in matters of real estate, family, in the 5th – in matters of love and the birth of children.

Given that the Moon is the archetype of the family and the feeling of the world around, deep intuition, dreams, wise advice from relatives will help the native in all these topics.

Very often, the conjunction of Selena with the Moon is interpreted as a seal of the holiness of a person, but this is far from being the case. Rather, there is a karmic explanation here: such an aspect appears in the map of the native, whose ancestors worthily endured adversity and trials, did not break when faced with evil, and died prematurely, with love for the family and hope for a better life.

If the connection is in the corner houses, the person has a subtle connection with the ancestors, he can ask for advice and get an answer. However, this requires the free intention of the cardholder himself.

The special influence of the Selena-Lilith connection is expressed in the following points:

  • a bright, clean aura around the native, when others physically feel – this is a good person (even if in fact this is not entirely true);
  • the image of a kind relative who you want to trust;
  • luck in relationships with people: friendship, love, marriage, as well as in matters of health and medicine;
  • interest in esotericism, the energies of nature, non-traditional methods of treatment;
  • the desire for knowledge and comprehensive development in the field of connection, a person wants to learn and pass on his achievements to people.

However, if a native at a low level of development, due to upbringing or personal choice, is rude to his mother, women in general, then Selena simply blocks his blessings on the Moon, plunging him into isolation.

Dangers of the Moon-Selena conjunction

If the owner of the horoscope has a consumerist attitude to life, ignoring the bright path of his ancestors, then he will have to bear a personal cross of suffering, similar to what the representatives of the family took upon themselves. Here we are talking more about female karma. These are problems with husbands and children. It is no coincidence that Selena is depicted as the Moon, planted on a cross. Selfless service by high souls is perceived as a blessing, and low ones are rejected as something alien, and then life awakens in them sympathy for someone else’s pain, love for one’s neighbor and empathy of a higher order through personal experience of problems of this kind.

It is very important for the parents of a child with a Moon-Selena conjunction to cultivate compassion and a desire to take care of those who are weaker, because with a blocked Moon and a very strong Lilith, especially with difficult aspects, there is a feeling of superiority over others. This is dangerous with a perverted understanding of purity and holiness. There are examples of the horoscope of serial killers who sincerely believed that they were clearing the world of bio-garbage and vicious people.

Even Mother Teresa, whose name became a household name to denote mercy, turned out to be not so much a kind-hearted nature as she firmly believed that in her shelters people were healed by prayers alone without medicines, prompting them to refuse them. Therefore, it is very important for a person with a Moon-Selena conjunction to develop first according to the Moon.

How to work out the Selena-Moon connection

We must not forget that in aspects with personal luminaries, Selena blinds with the desire for holiness, and a person easily falls into “charm”, believing that he leads everyone to paradise and for this you can break earthly moral standards.

That is why, for the correct disclosure of this connection, it is necessary to cultivate lunar qualities in oneself: caring, kindness, love in its Christian concept, and most importantly empathy: “love your neighbor as yourself.” Only then will Selena connect and work for good, and not in the key of a cleansing mission. The task of a person is not to lose kindness in a series of trials and develop further in the theme of the house where the aspect is located. Any degradation here is akin to a crime.

The owners of the Moon-Selena conjunction were born to glorify their homeland through their personal unique talents, an example of which are I. Poddubny, Isadora Duncan, Charlie Chaplin, M. Kalashnikov.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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