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Moon – Venus conjunction

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the horoscope gives a person an elated mood, love for comfort and the ability to create it. The moon is responsible for the psychological state and well-being of the native, and Venus, being a good planet, fills his life with love, beauty and harmony.

The influence of the aspect on the psychological characteristics of a person and his behavior

People, in whose natal chart there is a conjunction of the Moon and Venus, are distinguished by a kind disposition, charm, peacefulness and a deep understanding of the beautiful world. People around them consider them, if not the most charming and attractive, then certainly in all respects sweet and nice people.

Moon - Venus conjunction

Such a person always has excellent taste, tact and good manners. Subjects with the conjunction of the Moon and Venus are able to create an easy, harmonious and attractive image, and thanks to this, those around them are drawn to them. In relations with people, the native shows flexibility, plasticity and diplomacy. He tries to create a friendly atmosphere and seeks to bypass sharp corners in communication.

The owner of this aspect knows how to relax, have a good rest and get joy and pleasure from life. He draws inspiration from creative activities and from communication with nature. Often such people have a talent for art, they sing beautifully, write music, compose poetry, make sketches. Even if the native is involved in a field of activity that is not related to art, he can devote his free time to creativity.

If the Moon is in aspect with Venus, then the owner of the horoscope can become a good consultant, work in the field of trade or catering. The latter is especially true if the conjunction of the planets occurred in the signs of Cancer, Taurus or Libra.

The main disadvantage of people with this astrological constellation in the horoscope may be laziness, frivolity and a tendency to an idle lifestyle. Subject may be careless about their health, suffer from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. The search for pleasures, the expectation of easy success and the unwillingness to change oneself and the world around him for the better can lead a person to stagnation and spiritual emptiness.

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the male horoscope

The close interaction of the Moon and Venus in a man's horoscope indicates the importance of relationships with the opposite sex in the life of a native. The lady of his heart is always feminine and has a gentle character. The native will give preference to the woman who knows how to cook and manage the house well, loves children and supports family values.

As a rule, the owner of the aspect is popular with the fair sex, knows how to win the attention of women and find a common language with them. The exception is when the Moon and Venus are in Scorpio and Aries. A man with such an astrological combination can often face problems in love and relationships.    

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the female horoscope

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus in a woman's natal chart will give her an important characteristic and describe her as a spiritually generous, gifted and merciful nature. As a rule, the owner of the aspect strives to successfully marry and live with her home. In the family, she tries to create a kind atmosphere of love and mutual understanding, and in children she finds the joy of life.

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus in the child's horoscope

Children, in whose horoscopes there is a conjunction of Venus and the Moon, often become universal favorites and darlings. The people around them are touched by their funny behavior and cheerful laughter, they are happy to prepare surprises for them and organize holidays.

Children with this aspect should not be given a lot of sweets, flour and fatty foods. In kindergarten and at school, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the creative upbringing and development of the child.

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