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Mars-Selene Conjunction: at the behest of a pike

The place where the White Moon (Selena) is located is a point of infinite resource, light and protection from higher powers. It is in this area that the ancestors of the native did the greatest number of good deeds, thanks to which their descendants will be accompanied by luck and prosperity. However, it also happens that the impartial universal mind believes that the owner of the horoscope does not meet the criteria of goodness and leads him to understanding through suffering.

This is especially clearly seen if Selena connects with the so-called evil planets. Any departure from the postulates of goodness and justice is fraught with an instant boomerang, as in the case of aspects with Mars . The plus is that in the process of connection, Selena initially highlights the good qualities of the planet: courage, courage, determination, nobility in any duel, when they don’t hit the one who fell in the back. In addition, the gift of the White Moon is the fulfillment of any desires on the theme of the house where it stands.

Features of the conjunction of Selena with Mars

Despite the fact that this is not a planet, but a fictitious mathematical point, Selene is closely connected with the subconscious and ancestral memory, like Lilith. The influence of the White Moon has been studied less than the Black Moon, because evil is always more obvious and noticeable than good. A person takes for granted protection and support from above, it seems to him that his life is just like this, although if you analyze the eventfulness of the house and the sign of the aspect, it becomes clear that he has never had financial losses and layoffs if the conjunction of Selena Mars is in 2 at home, and as soon as he dreams of a stable income, they immediately call and invite him to a prestigious position. Black magicians cannot harm the native when the aspect is in the 8th house, he is loved by friends and representatives of the opposite sex – 5th and 7th houses, he is initially a bright, bright, interesting person – 1st house.

In a short period of practical work with charts where Selena is aspected, one can single out the most common meanings of its conjunction with Mars:

  • already from the age of 3, a person manifests himself as an active fighter for justice and later always stands up for the weak;
  • an innate self-esteem, the native knows his own worth, does not climb heads up, but he is already noticed in the crowd;
  • the ability to defend one’s point of view and ideals to the end, to see the enemy’s weaknesses and to go ahead of the blow not through a fight, but to deflect aggression or redirect it to the offender – psychoenergetic aikido;
  • protection from bullying, rape, conflict and evil people: the owner of the aspect is not bullied at school, he is not attacked in a dark alley;
  • an incredible, almost magical wish fulfillment on the theme of the house where Mars and Selena are connected, especially in fire signs, where the red planet is especially strong.

The good karma of a person is due to the choice of ancestors in critical situations, when they showed courage, fortitude and nobility in the face of dangers. This is the karma of brave warriors, defenders of the weak, conquerors of evil.

However, it also happens that Mars is in a weak position, for example, in Libra or Taurus, where it is initially uncomfortable. This is an indicator of the need to learn the courage to be yourself, to become an initiative person. Selena just helps to develop Martian strengths, but a person himself needs to take the first step, and there the Higher Forces will support him.

The dangers of the conjunction of Mars with Selena

Good karma bonuses always work, even if the person is not very positive. Initially, the aspect gives the desire to serve good, but one cannot discount the influence of other negative connections between the planets and the environment in which the native grows.

The return of the White Moon happens every 7 years, when either a reward for fidelity to ideals comes, or a karmic boomerang: all created evil falls on the owner of the card. However, during these 7 years, his negatively colored desires can be just as easily fulfilled as good ones, because in fact, in the conjunction of Mars with Selena, the red planet is much stronger, and if a person consciously strives to do something bad, then the White Moon does not have enough arsenal to counter.

At most, the native is shown the sad consequences of his aspirations on the example of other people, and here it already depends on him whether he will stop or go further. As a rule, such desires arise when Lilith strongly influences Mars through quadrature, opposition, or during the transit connection of the Black Moon with the natal aspect, when the native is literally torn apart by the choice between good and evil, darkness and light.

How to work out the conjunction of Selena and Mars

If the owner of the card takes the initiative, goes towards his fears, from the comfort zone to where it seems difficult and stressful, he will always be supported from above and he will receive his reward, sometimes even more than he dared to dream. This works in any case, but especially in the theme of the house and the sign where the conjunction of Mars with Selena happened.

If the native is cowardly, lazy, puts off the necessary things indefinitely, then naturally, the White Moon will not bring any fateful changes.

In this case, you can count on heavenly protection in stressful situations, general conflicts and sudden incidents, for example, falling from a tree, the native will not break anything, in a quarrel with her husband, such a girl will not get punched in the nose, and a man will not meet a robber in a dark entrance. However, it is better to develop courage, determination, principles of noble behavior as much as possible, then the Universe itself will be on the side of the native in any business.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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