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Conjunction Pluto – Ascendant. Scorpion king

A complex aspect appears in the natal chart at the time of the conjunction of two planets. It is not known the strength of which of them will outweigh in stressful or, on the contrary, joyful emotions, and how it will affect fate if you ignore the basic qualities of the participants in the union and walk along their lower energy floor. The connection is clearly emphasized in contact with the Ascendant, which determines behavior in communication and promotion in society.

A planet standing nearby endows its appearance with its characteristics and forms an internal moral code, especially when it comes to the mysterious and passionate Pluto, symbolizing birth and death on the physical and subtle plane. Metaphorically, these states will have to be experienced constantly, drawing strength in crisis situations and transforming through victory over darkness.

Influence of the conjunction Pluto – Ascendant on fate

The owners of the aspect are connected to an inexhaustible source of energy, only the nature of its dark emissions. Hence their strongest need for extremes of physical pleasure and spiritual and religious ecstasy. Heaven and hell beckon with equal force, especially if Pluto is in Scorpio or Pisces. They feel the ability to control others with one mental order and use this unconsciously, gaining more power and wealth.

Around the carriers of the conjunction of Pluto and the Ascendant, an aura of mystery and animal magnetism flies, attracting crowds of fans. The native does not need to prove the right to leadership: he is offered a tribute and the crown is given voluntarily. At the same time, if a person chooses the side of darkness, it is difficult to find a criminal more ruthless and calculating. Even with a sufficiently high spiritual level, it is difficult for him to refuse revenge on offenders and fair retribution for violators of the rules of honor.

This position between a noble avenger and a merciless villain so exhausts the soul that it covers with a period of complete powerlessness and depression. Therefore, it is important to know the characteristic signs of the conjunction of Pluto and Ascendant in order to transform them for good:

  • purposefulness, imperiousness, irreverence in communication, indifference to other people’s opinions and feelings;
  • negative charm, in people it causes fear and admiration at the same time;
  • the ability to draw energy from the surrounding space: nature and people, in the worst manifestation – vampirism;
  • occult abilities, clairvoyance and clairaudience, telepathy, contacts with the other world (they can see ghosts, speak with the dead in a dream);
  • aggressiveness, stubbornness, thirst for wealth, or, conversely, an emphasized contempt for money (during life, these views can replace each other);
  • sexual perversions and strange fantasies;
  • weak and dependent people are attracted, praising their guru and teacher, which forms a complex of superiority;
  • enemies arise out of nowhere, even a petty quarrel or a sidelong glance of a native becomes a reason;
  • success in areas related to death, disease and danger.

It is impossible to forget the native’s appearance and the depth of his gaze. These people are either incredibly beautiful, like, for example, Gina Lollobrigida, or they do not fit into the canons with a strange frightening appearance, which is compensated by a fantastic charm, which is demonstrated by the actor Victor Avilov, who played the Count of Monte Cristo. The book hero, most likely, also had Pluto on the Ascendant, which was played out by a terrible transformation from an innocent convict into a rich aristocrat.

Love and marriage in conjunction Pluto – Ascendant

Aspect carriers are essentially self-sufficient loners. In 90% of cases, they allow themselves to be loved or use the opposite sex for pleasure, but do not take the relationship seriously. However, the position of the conjunction Pluto – Ascendant in water signs gives the gift to love deeply and passionately, as well as to change the life of the chosen one beyond recognition. Unfortunately, this is not only positive, but also destructive if the native is not burdened with moral standards.

Men and women under the influence of water Pluto harass their partner with jealousy and avenge treason mercilessly. At a higher spiritual level, they are capable of generous forgiveness and refusal to persecute, but this is rarely the case.

If the heart is touched by a strong feeling, the native is monogamous. The windy owner of Pluto on the Ascendant is a sign that he simply did not meet a suitable partner. The choice most often falls on a person who is weak and dependent, in love and ready to embody any fantasies of the sovereign, or vice versa, on an equal footing, boldly parrying insults and fighting for the right to be himself. To dominate or fight, there is no other option for a relationship with a connection carrier.

Practical interaction with the conjunction Pluto – Ascendant

The native’s aggressiveness is latent and directed both to the outside world and to the soul of the owner. The enormous potential of strength must be used: actively communicate with people of different social strata, go to entertainment and cultural events, even if you don’t want to. It is best to shed excess nervous energy by doing sculpture, creating beauty from the formless, and theatrical art, creating new attractive images.

Playing a villain without actually being one is a great way of working out Pluto. A native’s profession should be associated with the transformation of chaos into harmony: surgery, psychotherapy, funeral services, rehabilitation of victims of disasters, rescue services. Contributing to the reduction of other people’s pain, the owner of the Pluto-Ascendant conjunction pacifies his own karma. Jewelry talismans made of serpentine , obsidian , vesuvian, tourmaline and rauchtopaz will help with this .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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