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Conjunction Selena – Lilith: the unity of good and evil

The aspect of the conjunction of the Black and White Moon in the horoscope is a rare phenomenon, and it occurs in the horoscopes of people marked by a bright personality. This is a big mission and test, because Lilith (Black Moon) is a symbol of generic programs forced into the dark depths of the subconscious, associated with sins and painful events in the life of ancestors.

Selene (White Moon) usually shows the sphere of life where good karma is accumulated. Their connection means that the scales with the sins and good deeds of the family are frozen in balance. Thus, the native must make a decisive choice: whether to redeem the karma of the family completely by continuing to do good, or still swing the cup back into darkness. In this case, the descendants of a person will be forced to start working out karma from the beginning, from the very bottom and a series of trials.

Features of the influence of the connection Lilith – Selena

In people with this aspect, the boundaries of the perception of good and evil are noticeably blurred. They see a catch in the good, and they try to justify the bad. This happens when Lilith is strong and Selena is weak, and accordingly the light energy of the White Moon is distorted. The owners of the connection often find that they are also perceived as a reflection in a distorted mirror.

If the aspect affects the 3rd house , then everything said by the native can turn against him. Even if he says words of support or a compliment, others perceive it as duplicity, they see a negative connotation. In the 2nd and 8th houses, the connection gives an incorrect attitude towards money, for example, a person sees in them the cause of world evil and deliberately refuses wealth, thinking that he is doing a good deed, but in fact he simply limits himself. Also, in matters of money, the native is suspected of PR, greed and avarice, despite the fact that he earns honestly or participates in charity events.

Every 9 years, a person feels Lilith’s strong attraction to the themes of her house and sign and wants to know their dark side. Once every 7 years, Selena gives him the resource and strength to defeat the temptation of the Black Moon, and if the native spends this time on good deeds, then everything goes pretty smoothly. Also, many owners of the aspect noted that checks from the Universe and the temptation by evil occur in their 8-year cycle.

Parents of children with a connection of Lilith and Selena need to be especially careful up to their 3 years, starting from a period of 7-9 months.

Also, a person can manifest himself from the dark and light side on different floors of the affected house. For example, if the aspect is in the 7th sector, then according to Selena, he becomes a guardian angel, a knight in brilliant armor for his wife, and behaves like Lilith with business partners: he cheats, manipulates, throws money. Of course, it can be the other way around – a traitor in the family and an honest businessman, so you need to analyze the map as a whole.

The positive effect of the conjunction of Lilith with Selena

When the Universe checks the native for loyalty to bright ideals and its destiny, it makes an offer that is difficult to refuse. To do this, initially the native is born with a sense of great mission and a bright talent. Around this foundation, the dance of the struggle between evil and good for the choice of the native begins.

He is always in the spotlight, so it is very important to focus on the talents inherent in the sign and house where Lilith and Selena connected, as well as on Venus, the 5th and 10th houses, and most importantly, to abandon any base emotions when expressing yourself.

The main sin here is vanity and feeling better than others. If this is not the case, the native will become a world celebrity, provided that his mission is fulfilled. Yu. Gagarin, Nicholas II, D. Mendeleev, Dante, M. Gorky had such a conjunction of the Black and White Moons. In the works of the last two, the struggle between darkness and light for the human soul is clearly conveyed.

It is difficult to single out the positive influence of the aspect, because the main gift is a bright talent and a ticket to the lodge of famous historical figures, provided that one’s abilities are realized in society, but it depends on the native himself: to perceive this as a blessing or to refuse such a test altogether.

How to Harmonize Selena Conjunction with Lilith

All his life a person is immersed in the struggle of two principles. He can regularly follow the path of goodness, and then break down at the first temptation of Lilith and consider himself an inveterate sinner all his life. It is very important to understand that no one is immune from breakdowns and mistakes in this aspect. You need to learn to forgive yourself, rise up and walk the path of light again.

The native has another good quality – he feels someone else’s pain, he is ready to help, support and console. The more he sincerely helps and gives, the weaker Lilith, and the stronger Selena. Higher powers will always support such a person in fulfilling his cherished dream, especially if it corresponds to the theme of the 10th house, and will also protect him from enemies. It is also necessary to find out how Lilith manifests herself at her highest, third level, according to the sign in which she stands, and consciously develop these qualities in herself. Snobbery, envy and greed, on the contrary, prevent the fulfillment of desire.

The owner of the connection must also be more careful than others in the event plan of the house where the aspect is located, because duality is inherent not only to him, but also to those people who symbolically relate to him. For example, if this is the 7th house, then the husband or wife may at first be an angel in the flesh, and then turn into the worst enemies. Colleagues in the 6th house and parents in the 4th house sometimes appear in the same way.

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