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Selena-Sun Conjunction: shine as a star

Selena is also called the White Moon. This is a fictitious point – the antipode of Lilith . It is also associated with a person’s karma, but unlike the Black “colleague”, it shows in which sign and house the native’s ancestors performed the greatest number of good deeds, and accordingly, he now has the protection and blessing of higher powers in these matters. The sun is our true essence, consciousness and desire to express ourselves to the maximum in this incarnation.

The connection with Selena emphasizes the importance of leadership, extroverted activity, the courage to declare oneself to the whole world, but this must be done correctly, moreover, much depends on the strength or weakness of the main luminary of the horoscope, as well as additional aspects of personal planets. Only in the aggregate of their manifestations can one count on the support of the White Moon.

Features of the connection Sun – Selena

The connection cannot be attributed to an unambiguously positive effect. In this aspect, the energies of the participants merge, forming a new symbiosis of force, which is initially neutral, and it depends on the native how he will apply it in life.

Selena is not a panacea for bad deeds. It is an indicator of the good reputation of the family from the point of view of higher powers, and until a certain time a person is really kept and given the opportunity to correct their mistakes, however, how long the rope does not twist, but the end will be.

If the native violates the laws of the universe, at first it seems that there is no justice, but only the right of desire of this person. It happens in a way that is beneficial to his “ego”, and justice is powerless.

However, Selena is not only a guardian angel, she is also an impartial judge. Her return occurs every 7 years, and it is then that the first bells will appear, reminding that a person is going the wrong way:

  • problems, breakdowns, losses in the topic of the house where Selena stands;
  • injuries and illnesses, difficulties and breaks in personal relationships;
  • loss of reputation, disclosure of dark secrets and ugly deeds;
  • the invasion of thieves, collectors, creditors, paparazzi into private property and life.

If similar events occur with a child of 7 years old, then parents need to seriously reconsider their attitude to life and upbringing, because normally the Sun of children by the age of 7 should manifest itself freely and creatively, if this is not the case, then the family has gone too far with discipline or completely extinguished the desire to develop. In addition, until the age of 7, the child is in the field of his parents, and if Selena did not save him, then they themselves violated many rules in the topic of the house where she stands with him.

At the age of 14, the native is already responsible for his actions, especially since the Sun always symbolizes the will and aspirations of the person himself.

Positive influence of the conjunction Sun – Selena

For a conscious person, this aspect portends a rapid advancement in society, the love and respect of others, a brilliant career and marriage in which the partner becomes a guardian angel. The peculiarity of Selena’s influence is that it is written in fate, but it may remain unclaimed if the person himself does not begin to act, but if he sets a goal and goes towards it, everything begins to take shape in a magical way, as if circumstances are adjusted to his dream. This is facilitated by certain personal qualities formed by the conjunction of the Sun – Selena:

  • joyful, optimistic, noble character;
  • pure light aura, this is especially felt in the childhood and youth of the native, even in photographs it seems to radiate from him;
  • craving for the embodiment of lofty ideas, good deeds, helping the weak;
  • the ability to take responsibility for collective affairs, to unite people, to find a common language with children;
  • creative and pedagogical abilities, leadership qualities, kindness.

The key to understanding Selene is her ability to enhance the positive qualities of the planet she merges with. In the connection, the one that is stronger dominates. Accordingly, the weak position of the Sun in Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, due to the influence of the White Moon, is leveled, and a person easily manifests the most favorable values of his luminary.

If the position of the Sun is strong, in the signs of fire, then Selena, on the contrary, sometimes reminds of herself with flashes of conscience and unexpected impulsive noble deeds, while a person already goes to the goal like a tank. The White Moon can keep him from participating in crime, violence, theft, but most often it extinguishes his Sun, making it impossible to be a leader in the topic of this house, and this happens through a loss of reputation.

How to work out the connection Sun – Selena

A person needs to build his life based on the kindling of the Sun and the tasks of the luminary in the themes of the house and the sign in which it is located. It is necessary to develop the best solar qualities and not allow the manifestation of the worst. If something bad happens, help and gifts of fate will come when a person shows leadership, acts and goes out into people. Sitting within 4 walls and praying is not about the native. Good luck will bring talents on the paternal side.

The native cannot be alone. From an early age, you need to correctly approach the choice of a social circle, and especially a spouse, with whom there must be common goals and dreams. Otherwise, Selena will only provide protection in the home theme, but you should not expect much luck. The happiness of a person at the conjunction of the White Moon and the Sun is determined by the right choice and activity, which the higher forces will definitely support.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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