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Sun-Moon conjunction

The conjunction of the two luminaries of the Sun and the Moon represents the phase of the new moon . If such an astrological aspect is found in the natal chart , then special attention should be paid to its analysis and interpretation. The sun symbolizes the human consciousness, and the moon – the subconscious. Uniting, the solar and lunar principles make a person constantly think about his life purpose and spiritual fulfillment.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the horoscope will give a lot of important information about the personality traits of a person, his worldviews, aspirations, as well as about behavior, internal reactions and the supply of vitality. The zodiac sign accented by the connection and the house of the horoscope will indicate those spheres and living conditions of the subject that he considers especially significant for himself, and around which his interests will always be concentrated.

Sun moon

Influence of the aspect on personal qualities and attitudes of a person

So, the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon will be one of the key and fundamental factors of the horoscope. People with such an aspect in the radix, as a rule, are able to achieve success and popularity in society. They are unusually lucky when it comes to any changes and updates in life. Such individuals love to engage in social activities and speak in public.

People with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon can easily do things related to organizing everyday life, creating a favorable environment for life and work. As a rule, from their youth they strive to acquire their own real estate. In relation to close people, they show spiritual depth, cordiality and want to achieve complete unanimity with a partner. In addition, such people get along well with children and have natural talents as a teacher.

Best of all, the owner of the aspect of the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun will reveal his inner potential if he chooses the profession of a teacher, doctor, psychologist, historian, farmer, livestock breeder, cook, real estate specialist and advertising campaigns.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the female horoscope

Women, in whose birth chart there is a connection of two luminaries, are often very proactive, active and decisive. They strive for success in society at any cost and sometimes overshadow the achievements of men with their violent activities. It is better for ladies with a combination of two luminaries in a horoscope not to take on pronounced male functions, as this can interfere with the construction of their personal life.

Such women choose caring, kind, humane and merciful men as partners. A man will be able to win her heart if he strives to create a large, friendly and strong family, respects his parents and knows how to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at home.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the male horoscope

If there is a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the male natal chart, then the subject has such qualities as practicality, love of property, hard work and caring. He is very responsible and conscientious when it comes to his family, and does his best to protect his loved ones, to achieve financial well-being for himself and his family.

In relationships with the opposite sex, he shows caution, gentleness and tact. He is attracted to women who understand his peace of mind and emotional state. On the other hand, he will be grateful to the woman who will help overcome his insecurity and pessimistic moods, give him a charge of positive energy and inspire him to implement his plans.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the children's horoscope    

Children born in the new moon phase are characterized by increased emotionality and sensitivity. They do not hide their feelings and emotions from the surrounding people, they like to be in the center of attention, they need constant care, guardianship and emotional empathy. Their negative qualities are self-indulgence, capriciousness, inconstancy of desires and emotional instability.

They perceive their parents as a single whole, since the moon symbolizes the mother, and the sun – the father. The family will always occupy an important place in the child's life, and the parents will significantly influence his development and formation in life.

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