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Conjunction Venus – Lilith: am I the sweetest in the world

The Black Moon is considered a fictitious point, not a planet, therefore, in aspects, it distorts the energies of the other member of the union, forcing it to manifest itself differently than prescribed by nature.

From the point of view of psychology, Lilith highlights all the dark and secret corners of the subconscious, and in close connection with the planet, a person expresses secret perverted and hidden desires through the planet in aspect.

Venus is responsible not only for aesthetics, beauty and love relationships, but also for the values of the native. At a high level of development, such people are incredibly attractive sexually and full of creative energy, but most often they are drawn by a magnet to the dark side of bodily pleasures: promiscuity, obsession with appearance, money, luxury. A person needs to have everything better than others.

Features of the manifestation of the conjunction of Lilith with Venus

The tactics of the native’s behavior are reminiscent of Pushkin’s queen from the tale of the seven heroes, who asked the mirror: “Am I sweeter than everyone in the world, all blush and whiter?” No matter how spiritually developed the native is, it is extremely important for both women and men to be more beautiful and more successful than everyone else.

It’s just that at a high level of awareness, a person accepts competition as a game, while at a low level of development, a burning desire appears to destroy rivals and shine alone.

If Venus conjunct Lilith is in earth signs, the native goes out of their way to achieve a high level of wealth. He wants to wear only expensive branded items, live in a prestigious area, flaunt the latest iPhone.

If the aspect affects the 1st or 7th house, then the desire to be with an ideal, stellar partner is added, looking at which everyone is stupefied with delight.

The inflated requests of the owner of the Lilith-Venus connection for finances and love relationships, on the one hand, encourage self-improvement and achieving goals, on the other hand, there is a concentration on external qualities to the detriment of internal ones. For example, a marriage of convenience with a beautiful person, but a stranger in spirit, or work in a prestigious company with a high salary, but not by vocation.

Sometimes Lilith pushes her wards to do ugly things in order to get what they want: to seduce and beat off another girl or guy, set up a work colleague to get her position, borrow a large amount of money and not give it back. Creative people with this aspect are especially insidious, because they see a continuation of themselves in their creations and are ready for anything for the sake of glory.

In a relationship, the owners of the Lilith-Venus connection are always looking for thrills, drama, some kind of perversion, when they like to obey any whims of a partner, or vice versa, dominate him to the point of cruelty. Ordinary calm relationships seem boring to them, and they run from reliable and faithful companions without looking back.

Positive Influence of Venus-Lilith Conjunction

These are people of art with a subtle artistic flair. Lilith sharpens the creative view of the world, includes an unusual perspective of the inner vision of things. The owners of the aspect are not afraid to look into the very thick of darkness, where the roots of creative currents come from, therefore what they create has unusual forms and original content.

With this aspect, it is easy to succeed in design, creating unique jewelry and accessories, because Venus loves bright details and accents, as well as in business, creating a unique and inimitable personal brand.

The owners of the Lilith-Venus connection easily attract money, they just have a flair for the demands of the public and they know how to satisfy this demand.

Among other things, the aspect gives incredible charm and sex appeal.

Harmonization of Lilith conjunction with Venus

The wards of the aspect are distinguished by the absence of personal boundaries or the inability to protect their integrity under the pressure of arrogance and deceit. They can be easily seduced or even addicted to drugs if there is an affected Neptune and a weak Mars in the chart.

The most important thing for them is to gain inner self-reliance and determine personal boundaries of permissibility, so as not to become a victim of their own distorted ideas about love. Sometimes it is even necessary to break the conventions of society, but only as far as creativity is concerned, and in personal relationships you need to determine your own scale of values and stick to it. The image of a femme fatale or a man attracts a lot of admirers to the native. Few people resist the temptation to meet with many partners at the same time, therefore, it is the owners of the connection of Lilith with Venus who become patients of a venereologist, as well as a neurologist because of their addiction to emotional swings in relationships.

It is advised to work out the distortions of the connection at the household level: you need to buy some beautiful thing, best of all, some decoration, lamp or accessory with a marriage and fix it yourself. If you do this regularly, and even better – create something new and beautiful from recycled materials, altering or reworking old things, then it is much easier to control the energies of Lilith and Venus.

The salvation of the native is also in the creativity of any direction from which the soul sings.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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