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Venus Conjunction Selena: unearthly love

Those who call Selena (aka the White Moon) a guardian angel forget that at the height where this fictitious point is located, there are completely different ideas about justice, and very often they have nothing to do with the earthly understanding of kindness. Selena stands in that house, in the theme of which the totality of good deeds committed in the native family is concentrated. The planet in conjunction with it concretizes this direction and emphasizes the importance of living by the native of these energies on their highest floor.

The White Moon highlights the best qualities of the planet, encourages a person to strive for the ideal in this direction. Venus is a symbol of beauty, love, internal value system and financial well-being. A person is lucky in these matters at an average level of development, as if an invisible force leads in the right direction. Religious and spiritual people with such a connection, on the contrary, strive to reject earthly pleasures and move on to higher vibrations of universal love.

Features of the conjunction Venus – Selena

The White Moon is a good karma, which means that everyone loves the native and unconsciously feels trust and sympathy at the sight of him. In childhood, such people are surrounded by universal admiration and adoration, subsequently the degree of delight decreases, but they are accepted in any team, they are provided with the best conditions for work, they just want to be around and be friends with them.

Very little has been written about the conjunction of Selena – Venus, but if we turn specifically to astrological practice and the observations of specialists for specific owners of the aspect, we can distinguish 3 main lines of intersection:

1. External beauty, and not bright and sexy, but rather sublime and spiritual;

2. High aspirations, whether it be the search for spiritual knowledge or ambitions in the sphere of the house where the aspect stands;

3. Raising the theme of love and relationships on a pedestal, when for the native this is the most important thing in life, or a complete denial of attraction to the opposite sex: going to a monastery, a vow of celibacy.

In everything related to Selena, it is better to stick to the golden mean. At the highest spiritual level of development, it seems to blind the ward, opens a portal to other worlds, which have no equal on earth. Hence the deification of the Beautiful Lady or the prince on a white horse, unnecessarily sublime – romantic expectations from a partner, as well as the desire to reject everything earthly.

Men with Selena-Venus conjunction often want to become priests or poets, and women from their youth dream of a monastery or solitude in the silence of Buddhist temples.

At the average level of development, a person simply rejoices in a good environment, prosperity, and the sympathy of friends, sometimes not noticing the support of the White Moon and taking everything for granted. Such people look young and attractive for a long time, as if time has no power over them. This is especially obvious if Saturn is in the 1st house or he is the ruler of the Ascendant.

Selena always calls for honesty. Given that Venus is associated with the financial success of a person, it is necessary to be as responsible and law-abiding as possible in any monetary transactions. The return of the White Moon occurs every 7 years, respectively, dishonest owners of the aspect during these periods can simply lose everything: they go bankrupt, become victims of theft and fraud.

Dangers of Selena-Venus Conjunction

The guardian angel strictly asks the violators of karma. In the theme of Venus, one must observe honesty and fidelity to love, but the most important thing is to correspond to one’s ideals and ideas about happiness. It is very important to accept your value system and live with meaning, and not just go with the flow.

From the point of view of Selena, the life of a native without love, to the detriment of oneself, is also a crime. If, for example, a girl with a Venus-Selena conjunction in the 1st or 7th house marries for convenience, or after the wedding she discovers that her husband is an authoritarian and domineering abuser, but continues to live with him, endures for the sake of children, enters into sexual relationships without love, just for some ulterior motive, Selena turns her back on her. Such a person is unlucky with money, a career, for unknown reasons they are abandoned by loved ones.

In addition, the native may have strange ideas about love, intimacy seems vulgar and dirty, the thought of children causes panic. A person wants to be a small child, forever playing in the Garden of Eden, away from reality.

The conjunction of Selena with Venus can give celibacy and infertility, if Venus is additionally affected by Saturn, but there is no fatality here, this is karma that can be corrected through the will of a person.

How to work out the conjunction of Selena with Venus

A man came to earth to be an example of worldly love: to create a strong family, to illuminate the world with the inner light of goodness, to selflessly organize holidays, to create beautiful works.

However, there is another way – unearthly love, prayer services, missionary activity. Doctors who work day and night, caring for the sick, nuns and priests who have dedicated their lives to other people, this is the other side of the conjunction of Selena with Venus.

The main thing is to live in love, in accordance with inner aspirations, and not suffer from what seems right and sinless to take a vow of celibacy, and the soul longs for warmth and intimacy with the opposite sex. Such contradictions simply neutralize the beneficial influence of the White Moon and take it completely to the other side, when a person makes mistake after mistake, denying the voice of his heart.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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