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Trine Chiron – Neptune. cinderella gate

The planetoid Chiron , named after the ancient Greek centaur healer, adds talent to a person, but leads to the goal in such crooked paths that not everyone will be able to solve his charades. And if you add to this the aspect with Neptune , then sometimes it seems that you are wandering in the thicket of the forest in the veils of fog. This is how the native feels at a low level of awareness.

Trigon Chiron – Neptune endows him with unique abilities to penetrate into other worlds, but this gift frightens or desires an outcast until Mars and Mercury are fully included. A compass is needed that points to short-term goals, otherwise the horizon of possibilities seems unattainable, dreams are unrealistic, and a person sinks into apathy and depression.

The positive influence of the trine Chiron-Neptune

The higher planets sway for a long time before getting involved in the work of the trigon . Chiron also shows up on occasion. The native will have to act on his own. The famous Cinderella Gate, in which the Chiron-Neptune trine is involved, is not at all a guarantee of a prince on a white horse and a kingdom to boot. In this case, personal initiative and activity will also be required, and the circumstances will develop in a suitable way.

The deceit of Neptune in enveloping the mind with illusions and laziness. It seems to a person that he is so beautiful and absolutely chosen for great deeds that he lies on the stove in anticipation of a miracle.

The positive meaning of the aspect is precisely in the realization of its unusual purpose and the development of all the bestowed abilities, of which there are many:

  • colorful imagination, unique imagery and fantasy: a person creates such vivid works in the field of literature, poetry, painting, photography, cinema that did not exist before, can even create a new artistic movement;
  • incredible flexibility and plasticity, a predisposition to gymnastics, tightrope walking, dancing, figure skating;
  • innate wisdom, compassion, understanding of the inner motives of other people, the desire to help, spiritualized external beauty with a pronounced emphasis on the eyes or something unusual, for example, when they are of different colors, if Chiron is in the 1st house;
  • emotional wounds – a springboard to self-development, the study of esotericism and psychology, a source of inspiration for pumping personal qualities and talents;
  • musicality, a well-developed sense of rhythm and tact, a beautiful voice;
  • the ability to provide the necessary emotional support, to heal with words and art.

Despite the fact that usually not many people are born with aspects between Chiron and higher planets, the Neptune-Chiron trine has given the world many celebrities from the world of cinema and literature.

A negative connotation of his influence, unfortunately, is a tendency to suicide, when a person realizes that the world is not as rosy and beautiful as it seemed to him.

Trine Chiron-Neptune and personal life

The owners of the aspect can easily dream of a loved one. Love plays a leading role in their worldview, and sacrifice and selflessness are too highly developed, which encourages them to fall in love with people who are frankly unworthy or unhappy from the point of view of the native.

If men and women with the Chiron-Neptune trine are all right with self-esteem, then during the transit of Jupiter, the gates of Cinderella may open and a fateful acquaintance with a stellar partner of equal energy content will occur. However, the presence of the program of the victim or the savior attracts even a famous, but dependent, problematic, infantile or mentally abnormal person, who seems unusual and beautiful to the native.

Thus, the influence of the aspect directly depends on the internal settings of a person, but the Chiron-Neptune trine always works magically with regards to love. In the case when Neptune is in the 7th house, the native will choose a creatively gifted, but infantile partner, and if Chiron is there, then he himself will worry about the windiness and deceit of his chosen one. Sometimes this indicates an affair with a married man or woman, when the partner is forced to live in 2 families, but such things contradict the energy of the trine, tuned to the pure tones of universal love.

The study of the trine Chiron-Neptune

From early childhood, the native feels that he is different from others. He reads the thoughts and intentions of other people, understands the language of trees, animals and stars, knows how to receive information from the subtle world through dreams and his own intuition. Sometimes this frightens him and he avoids most people who are of a gross material nature.

If you are lucky to get into the environment of like-minded people, it will be a huge success. In a friendly environment, the creative talents of the native will flourish, and his uncertainty will be completely hidden behind the roar of applause and the brilliance of awards. But in order to succeed, you need to ground yourself. If a person is intoxicated with dreams and afraid to act in reality, the Chiron-Neptune trine will be useless. You will have to face your fears, allow yourself to make mistakes and be imperfect in the process of the creative path. A well-developed Mars and actions according to the nature of the sign in which it stands will help in this.

Sometimes severe fatigue rolls over a person, and emotional burnout blocks success. In this case, you need to retire in nature, go through retreat rituals, or load yourself with physical labor in the fresh air to turn off your head.

The best talismans and energy sources for the Chiron-Neptune trine will be larimar, amazonite and turquoise .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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