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Trine Chiron – Pluto. Darkness or Light

When an aspect with a positive influence unites two great teachers of the natal chart, a person has no choice but to become a warrior of light or darkness, like the Jedi from Star Wars. If Pluto is hot lava, Chiron is an icy wind, and their combination creates a laser sword, which you need to learn how to wield in order to fulfill all your goals.

Trigon Chiron-Pluto gives the talent to transform reality, to own the world or a separate part of it, but one cannot do without control and self-development. A person either creates and creates, thereby closing the chironic inferiority in the line of affairs of the house where the asteroid stands, or is limited in self-realization and then, no less successfully, begins to destroy everything created by others. At the same time, a person sacredly believes that he is right, even if he is obviously mistaken.

The positive influence of the Chiron-Pluto trine

Aspects between these planets are rare, but the trine is an exception. Perhaps because without such people there would be no progress. The native needs a sense of struggle. It gives self-confidence, which cannot be one hundred percent due to the influence of Chiron, but it is this vulnerability that helps to acutely feel injustice, fight it, and also seek knowledge that will help improve the world around.

The owners of the trine Chiron-Pluto feel their chosenness from childhood, but this feeling is different from the state of sublime arrogance of the Chiron-Neptune trine. The native does not wait to be placed on the throne, he is looking for a way to conquer his kingdom, furiously trying different activities to understand where his destiny is.

Pluto constantly encourages him to develop in the sphere of the house where he is. If this is the 9th house, he will seek happiness abroad, learn foreign languages, 4th house – look for other ways of development and life than was accepted in the family, 7th house – he will enter a social circle that is interesting to him, and even better, he will create it himself, becoming teacher or mentor.

In any case, you need to know how the Chiron-Pluto trine manifests itself in real life, endowing:

  • an inquisitive mind, a thirst for discovery, change, the fight against evil or the desire to know evil from the inside as a researcher;
  • an innate powerful healing force that turns on at the moment of emotional upheaval, loss, separation, betrayal: a person himself pulls himself out of the abyss of grief, and then understands how to help others;
  • the gift of a scientist, doctor (military medicine, plastic surgery, aesthetic dentistry, oncology treatment, everything related to changes through a surgical scalpel), nuclear physicist, transformational coach, tarologist, astrologer, magician, writer;
  • extrasensory abilities, the ability to get into parallel realities in a state of trance, lucid dreams, read information from cards;
  • a sense of strength comes in the process of transformation, but these are not actors, their ability to change is not directed outward, but in depth: psychotherapy, medicine, personal growth.

It is important for the native to find a solution to any problem that arises through the battle with the enemy or the search for the root cause that needs to be eliminated. Unfortunately, he often crosses the line of permissibility, because it is easier for him to destroy and burn the source of pain than to soothe wounds with long-term treatment. However, if Pluto is in air signs, then there is hope for a compromise and diplomatic ways out of the crisis.

Trigon Chiron-Pluto and personal life

For the native, the state of struggle means an interesting life. He transfers this feeling to relationships with others. He is uncomfortable when everything is calm, good and amicable. What is needed is passion, competition, sparks from the eyes and a dance on the edge of the abyss.

Of course, the owners of the Chiron-Pluto trine do not have that masochism and the desire to survive humiliation from a partner in order to be reborn or finally die like the carriers of the opposition between them (the sad fate of Whitney Houston ), but they still have a passion for powerful, untold rich and famous people . The only problem is a misunderstanding that these “stars” will not become their tame lions, but will be masters and masters. This is where the much-desired struggle for freedom and justice arises.

Most often, this situation is typical for the position of Pluto in the 7th house. The native will have to choose: love and partnership as a war, or a complete transformation of his consciousness through a painful relationship.

If Chiron is in the 7th house, then positive changes in marriage will come through changes and pumping of the spheres of the house where Pluto is located.

Study of the trine Chiron-Pluto

The higher planets act slowly, but there is not so much time to harmonize their influence as it might seem. Pluto asks sharply and for all the karmic shortcomings. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately determine the main wounds in the house of Chiron, prescribe a compensatory program according to the house of Pluto.

Most often, this is a transformation of consciousness through understanding one’s value for the world, personal destiny, choosing the bright side for active actions to improve the world: heal, invent, console, restore what was destroyed and corrupted, and not vice versa.

Any energy practices will help to control your consciousness, body, surrounding reality. You can’t hold back emotions, but it’s better to show them alone, without demonstrating to the world: cry out grief, scream, beat dishes or pillows, otherwise suppressed conflicts will open Chiron’s wounds. In the battle with pain, it is better to work proactively – to help others get rid of it.

As a talisman, you must choose black onyx , smoky quartz, jet , lava stone.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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