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Trine Chiron – Uranus. Extraordinary Explorer

The conditionally positive aspect of the trine constantly saves the native from problems and helps to get what he wants without visible effort or merit. The abundance of such support in the horoscope relaxes and does not allow you to prepare for the real difficulties in life. If a person is lazy and selfish, sooner or later retribution will come. Aspects with higher planets are included later, but require conscious application.

The place where Chiron stands shows why you need to use the energy of another participant in order to heal secret fears and wounds. Uranus is not a very good doctor, but he more than endows with extrasensory perception, extraordinary thinking and extravagance. They allow you to hide Chiron’s problems or find an unexpected solution to eliminate seemingly incurable mental trauma.

The positive influence of the trine Chiron – Uranus

The native does not look for easy ways. Especially if the sign of Aquarius is active in the horoscope: there may be the Sun, the Ascendant, or one of the participants in the aspect. Then the choice of a life path that shocks others is likely, but the person himself bathes in the surprise and bewilderment of his parents and friends. It gives him a much-needed sense of flight and detachment from dull reality.

The main influence of the trine Chiron – Uranus is the desire to show one’s uniqueness as brightly as possible, to try the unknown or to create something radically new and different from what was before. Of course, it does not do without excesses, when the owner of the horoscope seems to be an eccentric or a freak, but without this he will not be able to understand his essence and the depth of talent.

If the Sun has a trine or sextile with Uranus, then the giftedness of the native is visible from an early age, although a positive impression can be spoiled by excessive curiosity, cunning and talkativeness. Such people are very fond of hovering in the clouds, losing the sense of time.

The aspect has pronounced features of influence, having understood which, it is easier for a person to manage them:

  • a keen sense of one’s own chosenness, uniqueness and giftedness, which is expressed in two ways: the desire for development and success, but at the same time arrogance, boasting and snobbery are not ruled out;
  • amazing spiritual beauty, especially if the sign of Pisces is expressed or there are aspects with Neptune, it seems that an elf has arisen from another dimension;
  • the desire to act outside the box, contrary to accepted rules, which also brings many problems, especially at school, so home schooling is often recommended;
  • giftedness in both the humanities and technical sciences, a predisposition to the study of foreign languages, cybernetics, physics, those sciences that seem difficult for the general mass of people;
  • a specific sense of humor that rather offends people, but there is a second option: they laugh and tease the native, but this is most often the reaction of a boomerang to his mockery of others (the trigon works great for a person as long as he observes the highest principles of the planets, but if not – payback comes.)

Uranus and Chiron never give a boon without trouble and adventure, and although the trine softens many points, a person is still forced to fight windmills and go against the wind. Therefore, the native often goes into the world of fantasy, realizing himself as a writer or director of fantasy and science fiction, but may also become disillusioned with reality and go, for example, to a monastery.

Trine Uranus-Chiron and personal life

The owner of the aspect will not be satisfied with a calm family life. He needs new impressions, adventures, bright events in life. If a good, kind person falls in love with him, but he is a layman by nature, there will be no happiness here. Yes, most likely, the native will not even pay attention to this option, despite the persuasion of the parents.

The only exception is if the partner provides him with a material basis for the realization of grandiose plans, for example, removes household chores, takes care of everyday problems, giving the ingenious companion the opportunity to create and soar in higher matters.

Life is easier for men with the trine Uranus – Chiron. They have an unusually attractive appearance, a beautiful enveloping voice and an unusual image of a rebel-inventor. There are many girls in love who are ready to take on everyday difficulties just to be near him.

Women with the trine Chiron-Uranus have to win the right to be themselves, a free and creative person, which of course their companions do not like, so they often suffer from loneliness or choose it consciously.

Study of the trine Chiron-Uranus

It is always difficult for a native to decide on priorities, therefore, despite the genius and obvious talents, he remains overboard, watching how less gifted people make good money and bathe in applause.

For the favorable inclusion of the trine, you will need to determine your uniqueness and originality in terms of an advantageous difference from others and develop this niche without spreading yourself to others. A person’s energy can be enough for 2-3 directions, but there is no need to try to achieve success in radically opposite directions. This will make an amateur, not a professional. There will be many mistakes, because the native is impulsive and impatient, but they must be diligently studied, drawing conclusions and correcting shortcomings.

In the period of 33-43 years, a burning desire to change the field of activity will appear, and knowing this, you can look in advance for yourself options for free swimming. Many owners of the trine Chiron – Uranus at this age go into freelance, for example, into network marketing, astrology, numerology, energy practices, and they do it very well if a financial pillow is prepared in advance. An excellent talisman for the native will be fluorite, opal , blue topaz .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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