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Trine Moon – Chiron. beautiful far away

Trine – a positive aspect with a surprise. He will not act endlessly if a person goes with the flow and does not make personal efforts to achieve a dream. Trigon will lead to the right people, the main scene of events, but the person must climb it himself. But it is very difficult for the owners of the trine between the Moon and Chiron to act. They are excellent observers, perfectly understanding the nature of people’s feelings and emotional reactions, but they can become leaders only if they have willpower and a burning desire for publicity, which happens with the Moon in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and sometimes in air signs. In other cases, you will have to overcome yourself and add the energy of determination through Mars.

Happy opportunities of the trine Moon – Chiron

The main quality of the native is the ability to soberly look at reality, without any rose-colored glasses. He recognizes his own and other people’s talents, mistakes, shortcomings and advantages. This makes him a top-notch expert in any field and also helps him make the right choice among the many possibilities. Perhaps only the Moon in Libra can hesitate for a long time, wanting both, and without bread, but the rest clearly see the prospects for the development of events.

Trin Luna-Chiron is a great aspect for teachers: they read the psychotype of the audience and give the very essence of the information, without water. Also, the native is able to foresee the outcome of political events, which makes him both an analyst and a practitioner of social activities. Margaret Thatcher had this aspect.

Other shades of the beneficial effect of the Moon-Chiron trine:

  • deep sensuality, empathy not only through the heart, but also through the mind, an amazing combination of emotional and mental strength;
  • the courage to acknowledge and treat your pain with psychological tools;
  • the ability to help others after realizing their problems: a person fulfills a social destiny after he saves himself;
  • the ability to be an assistant, performer, manager, conductor of someone else’s will, softening and transforming problematic moments;
  • inventiveness, high ethical principles, exactingness to oneself and others;
  • healing, oratorical, pedagogical talents;
  • creativity, extrasensory perception, unless the Moon is in earth signs;
  • the gift to see the new in ordinary things and routine duties, to creatively approach boring assignments;
  • the ability to unpack the personality of another person and pull out his features from the clutches of complexes and delusions.

The Moon-Chiron trigon is not considered exclusively positive, because it does not bring what is desired on a silver platter, but through events and close people it makes them face negative emotions face to face. Healing of any wounds comes through the disclosure and recognition of their feelings, but the process can be quite painful.

Trigon Moon-Chiron and personal life

In astrology, the symbol of Chiron is the wounded healer. The moon signifies the mother. Despite the positive influence of the trigon, pain in relations with mother and grandmother is not excluded. This feeling only becomes the engine of progress over time. Burned by problems with the mother, her coldness or indifference, the native begins to look for answers to questions. He is interested in the psychology of relationships, why he came to this woman, what traumas of her childhood caused such behavior, how not to become the same parent or mother if the native is a woman. As a result, you can transform both family relationships in principle, and solve future problems in your personal life in advance, and later help others find answers to the same questions.

The Moon-Chiron trigon works very strangely: you can become happy in love and family only by experiencing pain. If Chiron is in the 4th house, then definitely the problems come from the mother’s kind, from the lack of warmth on her part, and if the Moon is there, on the contrary, the native has to suffer from the fact that the parent protects him unnecessarily and tries to protect him from all problems, which leads to scandals and quarrels.

In the case when Chiron is in the 7th house of partnership, the native himself often suffers from feelings of guilt towards partners, believing that he does not correspond to their ideas of happiness.

He may even deny the need for a family in order not to experience negative emotions. With the position of the Moon in the same sector, on the contrary, the focus on family, children, and the desire to have your own home are very strong.

Study of the trine Chiron-Moon

People with this aspect often succumb to the instinctive desire to hide away from the world. It is especially strong in the owners of the Moon in water signs, burdened with additional squares and oppositions. The paradox is that the stronger the thoughts of a secret shelter, lying under the covers and ignoring calls, overcome, the more actively you need to act.

This is a kind of signal that amazing and fateful events are on the threshold along the line of influence of the houses where the planets are located, but it’s just not possible to receive a gift from life just like that. You need to allow yourself to become noticeable, tell the world about your feelings in creativity, an application for a high position and status, confess your love, even quarrel loudly, saying openly what exactly you don’t like.

If the native keeps silent and swallows any negative in his address, just not to feel guilty, no positive events will happen to him.

Courage and creativity – this is the main motto of the owners of the Moon-Chiron trine. The energy of natural stones will help develop these qualities. Angelite, selenite, milky opal , white quartz will suit the native.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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