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Trine Moon – Saturn

Trine is a harmonious aspect, thanks to which the native manages to be successful and prosperous in many areas of life. Astrological images of the Moon and Saturn are different, but united by the aspect of the trigon, these luminaries act in a coordinated and constructive manner.

The moon is responsible for the period of childhood, and Saturn is responsible for maturity and old age. If there is a trine of these luminaries in the horoscope , then the native knows how to build relationships with people older than him, takes care of his parents and has a pedagogical talent.

The moon is a moving light and describes the subject's ability to adapt. Saturn is associated with rules, regulations, instructions and directives. The owner of the mentioned aspect knows how to follow the instructions of his superiors, integrates into the hierarchy without problems, maintains order in the house and at the workplace.

Trine Moon - Saturn

The influence of the trigone on the character and behavior of a person

A person with this configuration makes the impression on those around him of a serious, responsible and reasonable person. Such people are thoughtful, patient, practical and solid. At work, they are entrusted with important affairs and projects, and at home they play the role of guardians of family values ​​and foundations.

In unfamiliar surroundings, subject is cautious. Tactfulness, good manners and delicacy help him to find allies, and the ability to obey the established discipline and strictly follow the rules of the game – to achieve recognition and success.

The owner of the aspect is notable for practicality in everyday life, knows how to save and save what he has acquired. Such people take the advice and recommendations of doctors seriously, because they do not want to allow the development of serious and dangerous diseases in themselves and their loved ones.

Aspect configuration in the male horoscope

The moon in a man's horoscope will describe the nature of the relationship with the mother and with the opposite sex. The harmonious aspect between the Moon and Saturn will tell about the parent-child relationship with the spouse. They have control, and care, and a clear distribution of roles between partners.

Best of all, a relationship will develop with a hardworking, economic, business woman who strives for stability. The couple will have values ​​and aspirations such as creating a strong union and a strong family, acquiring real estate and a strong financial position.

Aspect configuration in the female horoscope

If in the horoscope of a woman there is a trine of the moon and Saturn, then in her image and character there is seriousness and wisdom beyond her years. The owner of the horoscope is trying to make a career and achieve success in her chosen activity.

Having become a wife and mother, such a woman assumes many responsibilities for the house and household and copes with them successfully. A lot of joint affairs are planned and carried out with the spouse. The children of the owner of the horoscope are well educated, accustomed to work and discipline.

Aspect configuration in the child's horoscope

A child with the above aspect is distinguished by modesty, diligence and diligence. He does not need to be brought up by force or forced to do something. Such children interact well with adults and enjoy the opportunity to do something with them.

Planets in the signs of the zodiac

In most cases, trigon unites planets located in the same element. The interaction of the Moon and Saturn is especially effective when they are in the signs of Water or Earth.

If the luminaries stand in water signs (in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), then the owner of the horoscope is unusually productive in the creative field. He can understand and enter into the position of any person, which allows him to establish fruitful cooperation with everyone.

If the planets are located in earth signs (in Capricorn, in Virgo or in Taurus), then the native knows how to create reserves, earn money and solve property issues.

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