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Trine Moon – Venus

Trigon (Trine) is a harmonious aspect that gives the owner of the natal birth chart, attractiveness, peace and the ability to enjoy life. This is especially true when the Moon and Venus are involved in the aspect.

These planets are responsible for the state of comfort, the ability to get joy and pleasure from life. The owner of the aspect often not only has a good mood himself, but also knows how to create it for others. Internal harmony and a sense of happiness are transmitted to those around them, and therefore relationships with people are warm and easy-going.

Among other things, the Moon is responsible for intuition and imagination. She also talks about taking care and creating a cozy environment. Venus is also a financial planet. The owner of the trine of the Moon and Venus foresees favorable changes in life. He strives for prosperity, loves to take care of loved ones and seeks to fill his life with beauty and positive, using rich creative talents.

Trine Moon - Venus

Aspect and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

The possessor of the aspect of the trigon of the Moon and Venus is distinguished by a kind disposition, a positive attitude and love of life. Such people know how to have to themselves. Even if they do not have outstanding external data, they attract attention to themselves due to internal balance, charm and wonderful mental qualities.

People with this aspect can make good cooks, decorators, decorators, artists. They know how to create beauty with their own hands and love to delight others with their creations.

A native with this aspect should avoid laziness and indolence. Excessive consumption of fatty, sweet and high-calorie foods can lead to obesity and harm health.

Trine of the Moon and Venus in the natal chart of a man

A harmonious trine between the Moon and Venus in a man’s natal chart is one of the indications of a happy marriage. Of course, much still depends on the strength and location of the luminaries in the horoscope. But in any case, the native knows how to form good relations with the fair sex.

Thanks to his charm, attractiveness, politeness and friendliness, such a man can easily get to know women. In them, he appreciates attentiveness, solicitude, the ability to manage the house and cook well.

Trigon of the Moon and Venus in the natal chart of a woman

The owner of this aspect is a kind, affectionate, peaceful and talented woman. She strives to create a harmonious environment both at home and at work. Decorating talents, homeliness and practicality help her to equip her life. Thanks to compassion, gentleness and the ability to adapt to a partner, it is possible to maintain equal relations in the home and family.

Trine of the Moon and Venus in the child’s horoscope

Trine of the Moon and Venus indicates that the child is liked by others. He is charming, sweet, and therefore popular. Adults should pay attention to the child’s creativity.

The development of the baby will be facilitated by contact with the world of music, poetry, painting, etc. Classes in art study circles will make these children more artistic and help shape their talents.

Moon and Venus in the signs of the zodiac

Moon and Venus, united by the harmonious aspect of the trigone, are most often found in the signs of the zodiac, belonging to the same element.

The planets located in the signs of Fire communicate the ability to charge others with optimism and inspire them to new deeds. Such people have numerous talents and love to showcase them to the public.

If the Moon and Venus are in the air signs of the zodiac, then the owner of the horoscope is naturally endowed with tact and diplomacy. Thanks to good communication skills, graceful manners and unique charm, such people easily reach agreements and find a common language with others.

Planets in Earth signs can make a native an unrivaled decorator. Thanks to good taste and the ability to transform reality in accordance with one’s desires, it is possible to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in any place.

Venus and the Moon in the signs of Water endow a person with a rich imagination and the ability to create beauty. Such people are humane, caring, friendly and peaceful.

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