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Mercury trine – Mars

Trigon is an aspect of brilliant opportunities, and if Mercury is involved in it, which is responsible for speech and intelligence, then the native boasts good mental and business abilities.

The harmonious aspect of Mercury and Mars makes a person active, agile and courageous. Mars is an energy-supplying planet, and its constructive aspect to Mercury helps the native achieve what he wants when communicating with people, during travel, business trips and training. The owner of the aspect can be very effective in any intermediary and commercial activity. It is not difficult for him to get to know the right person, agree on mutually beneficial cooperation, and obtain information necessary for the successful development of business processes.

Mercury trine - Mars

Aspect and its influence on personality

If this aspect is present in the birth chart , then the person is distinguished by resourcefulness, enterprise, insight and strong intellect. In any situation, he will find the right word, make the right decision and find the best way out.

The native knows how to convince and negotiate. People around him trust him, because they know that this person has the shortest path from words to deeds. The native is respected for his organizational skills, energy and good business acumen.

The owner of the aspect can apply his natural abilities in the field of trade, business, finance, production, mechanics. He can excel in foreign languages, chemistry and physics.

Trine of planets in the natal chart of a man

If this aspect is present in a man’s natal, then this will describe him as a socially active, sociable, hardworking and conscientious person. In business, he shows accuracy and perseverance, knows how to bypass sharp corners in relationships and benefit where it is almost impossible.

A man will look organically in the field of activities related to vehicles, technology, communications, business and information technology.

Trine of planets in the natal chart of a woman

If a woman’s radix contains a harmonious aspect between the marriage indicator Mars and Mercury, then this will tell about her smart, educated and at the same time business and practical spouse. The relationship will have a lot of communication, travel, learning, and exchange of ideas.

Trigon of planets in the children’s horoscope

The good aspect between Mars and Mercury in the child’s natal chart will indicate that many objects will be easy for him. The range of interests of such children can be very wide, and it is important to give them the opportunity to try themselves both in humanistic disciplines (for example, in foreign languages) and in natural ones (physics, chemistry).

A child with this aspect can also be attracted by any applied art (wood carving, modeling, sculpture, decoupage, etc.). Physical education, participation in various competitions and olympiads (including intellectual ones) will allow small owners of the aspect to show their rich abilities and talents.

Trigon of Mercury and Mars and some signs of the zodiac

Trigon between Mercury and Mars will tell about the intellectual talents of the owner of the horoscope. The zodiac signs, in which the planets are located, will give more detailed information about the interests and areas of application of the native.

For example, if Mercury is located in Gemini, and Mars is in Aquarius, then a person has good communication skills, likes to study, get to know people, receive and transmit information. Good organizational skills allow him to become a leader among friends and like-minded people. He not only generates ideas with success, but also knows how to turn his ideas into reality.

If in the natal chart there is a trine between Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn, then such a person loves to go into details, analyze processes and interactions and knows how to bring perfect order in any business. The mind of a person is very practical, and he will only apply ideas that ensure his progress in activities and the achievement of the set goal.

Lilia Garipova


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