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Mercury trine – Neptune

Trigon is a harmonious aspect that gives the native the ability to see favorable prospects in time and take advantage of the chances that fate gives him.

A person with a trine between Mercury and Neptune is intellectually gifted. Mercury is responsible for thinking and speaking, while Neptune symbolizes inspiration and intuition. The owner of the horoscope is distinguished by flexibility of thinking, rich imagination and love of creativity.

Thanks to intuitive thinking, a person manages to find non-standard solutions in difficult situations. Sometimes the answers to the most difficult questions come in a dream or in the form of signs. A native may be interested in matters of religion, philosophy, esotericism.

Aspect and intellectual features of native

If there is a good interaction between the luminaries in question in the natal chart, then this indicates dreaminess, romance and a special susceptibility of nature. In dealing with people, such a person is careful, tactful and delicate. The native's speech is soft, smooth, beautiful. He is very attentive to the inner world of the interlocutor and most of all is afraid of hurting his soul with an inappropriate word or remark.

People with this aspect are born psychologists. The owner of the aspect understands people and knows how to find a common language with everyone. People are drawn to him, because he knows how to listen and calm. Often he is trusted with secrets and secrets. The native knows how to handle confidential information. Without words, he can understand the hidden motives of others, their cherished desires and hidden thoughts.

Besides psychology, the native's interests include literature, medicine, economics, and foreign languages. If the native writes, then from under his pen come out works of large volumes, distinguished by beautiful images and rich language. In his fantasies, the author builds an ideal world. The people in it are sublime and romantic. They deeply feel and are guided by high spiritual principles in their actions.

Some consider such people too detached from real life, but in reality this is not so. The owner of the aspect has good business skills. He does not exacerbate contradictions, knows how to bypass difficult situations in business and find compromises with work colleagues and partners. If such a person achieves a certain prosperity, then he does not spare funds to help those in need.

Trigon of Mercury and Neptune in the children's horoscope

If the aspect under consideration is present in the child's natal chart, then adults need to be especially sensitive to his inner world. The fact is that such children do not trust everyone with their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It is necessary in every possible way to encourage kids who want to tell something fascinating or who show interest in any phenomenon. It is important for a child to be not only a source of information, but also an inquisitive, grateful listener, expressing sincere sympathy for his rich inner world.

Planets and signs of the zodiac

Trigon most often unites planets located in the signs of one element. The characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, in which Mercury and Neptune are located, will give additional information about the intellectual abilities of a person and his interests.  

So, for example, the trine between Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius will tell about a nature oriented towards communication and communication. It is easy for such people to establish contacts with others, seek their favor, negotiate joint affairs. A person can succeed in any socially oriented activity.

If there is a trine in the horoscope that unites Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Capricorn, then a person can succeed in the field of services and the organization of various services. Good practical skills, focus on results and the ability to assess the benefits of future enterprises make a person effective in any commercial activity.

Lilia Garipova


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