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Trigon Neptune – Ascendant. How to become a wizard

The brightest and most powerful positive aspect of the horoscope includes the best qualities of the planet, when the native wishes to express himself in the Ascendant in full force. In ordinary times, the trigon affects luck in the spheres of Neptune: art, psychology, religion and television, as well as in areas under the auspices of a rising sign.

In addition, the Neptunian appearance is not forgotten. Wherever the bearer of the aspect goes, he radiates the magnetism of spiritualized beauty, his gaze mesmerizes with the depth of the cosmos, and his voice is pleasing to the ear. A rare charm is completely controlled by a person: he can reduce his strength, becoming invisible in order to observe the event of interest from the side, and, if desired, sparkle with a Firebird, throwing off his invisibility cloak.

Possibilities of the trigon Neptune – Ascendant

Communication with the world occurs through intuition and the sensory sphere. Men and women under the influence of the trigone themselves do not understand and cannot express in words how they find themselves at the right time in the place where they meet useful people, or how an idea for a million comes to mind. They love to wander in the dream world, but are free from the hypnotic effects of illusions. Holders of the Neptune – Ascendant trine prefer to monetize both their own and other people’s fantasies and dreams, on which they build an excellent career. Understanding the needs of the public makes them brilliant actors, TV presenters, salespeople, politicians, marketers, writers, journalists and bloggers.

Aspect carriers are incredibly sensitive to vibrational energies. They may develop clairaudience or reading ingenious ideas from higher realms. If they develop a gift, they will become psychics and predictors. However, negative radiation can seriously damage them, starting from electrical appliances and ending with the evil eye of envious people. Other important manifestations of the trigon Neptune – Ascendant:

  • caring, tenderness in dealing with other people and a deep need for attention to oneself;
  • extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, far from animal sexuality, unusual cut or eye color;
  • internal readiness to serve people and defend the rights of the weak, even sacrifice oneself for the sake of high ideas or the salvation of others;
  • talent in music, singing, drawing, writing science fiction books, studying ancient civilizations and solving mystical riddles;
  • ease of winning reciprocal sympathy, friendship, love and desire to cooperate together;
  • safety while traveling on water, important acquaintances and inner insights happen next to lakes, seas and oceans;
  • lack of everyday practicality, the desire to shift the solution of boring issues related to bureaucracy to relatives.

The life of a native will become much easier if he finds his teacher in the highest understanding, who will teach him how to use both supernatural gifts and creative talents correctly.

Love and marriage with trigon Neptune – Ascendant

Men and women are equally romantic, responsive and ready to turn the life of a partner into a fairy tale. True, if they do not find an enthusiastic response and a response stormy passion with theatrical effect, they create a hell of tantrums and a showdown. This is especially true for the owners of the Ascendant in fire and water signs. It’s just vital for them to feel loved and unique.

With the support of a partner, they truly become geniuses who can turn rivers back. Love and gentle signs of attention make them invulnerable to enemies and critics. The spouses of the native need to be prepared that everyday life and the solution of legal issues will fall entirely on them, but if this is done voluntarily, the carriers of the aspect will find real happiness.

Caring and love in the language of the trine wards is when the chosen one draws up a number of documents for them or knocks out a ticket to the doctor, the appointment to which has already been closed for a month. Then they feel safe. At the same time, a life partner should share their religious and spiritual aspirations and admire their creative ideas.

Practical interaction with the trigon Neptune – Ascendant

Success brings creativity. As a rule, the native is gifted with a fine ear for music and a sensitive, deep understanding of beauty. Even if he chooses a profession in the earthly Ascendant , related to finance and business, to feel happiness, an outlet in the form of creative activity is needed, and acting on stage is especially vividly and wonderfully manifested by positive events in his life, even if it is an amateur theater. Often, a person finds himself in Internet design, creating videos, staging theatrical family celebrations. He, like no one else, is able to turn a birthday or a wedding into a real holiday, and then he will also edit the video as a real director.

Knowledge of astrology will help to manage the events of your life. It is also necessary to maintain a channel of communication with the Higher powers through prayers and visiting holy places, it is good if they are located near the water.

The power of Neptunian stones and minerals friendly to this planet will help you find a point of balance within yourself and gain protection from negative energy: serpentine, charoite, blue aquamarine, labrador, green aventurine and black corals.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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