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Trine Saturn – Lilith: royal restraint

Saturn is considered an evil planet, but the positive energy of the trine helps him turn to the person on the beneficial side, despite his participation in the aspect of Lilith (Black Moon). She is known for her ability to distort the properties of the planet and literally plant a person on the topics of the house in which she stands. It turns out that for the native, the main triggers will be positive Saturnian properties: diligence, adherence to principles, restraint of emotions, honesty and responsibility.

How good this is for the person himself will be shown by an analysis of the map as a whole, because what one expresses as royal bearing and nobility, the other is perceived as indifference, coldness and callousness. At a low level of development along the trine, Saturnian successes will be easily given: career, social status, but the love of the public, sincere respect and admiration come only to spiritually developed people who can combine the magic of Lilith with the principles of Saturn.

Opportunities and weaknesses of the trine Lilith – Saturn

The Black Moon in this alignment helps a person overcome personal restraint and go through certain social restrictions, including creativity and faith in the impossible, which is completely unthinkable for the owners of Saturnian aspects without her participation. Here, the native manages to bypass obstacles beautifully and artistically, with invention and sparkle, without losing dignity and without betraying his principles. He also sets bolder goals than his peers, challenging himself and his competitors.

Do not forget that both participants in the trine are karmic indicators. Lilith usually reveals weaknesses in the family, where many mistakes and even crimes were committed, and Saturn symbolizes lessons and exams for loyalty to truth and justice, which must be passed with honor.

Accordingly, thanks to the trine, it is obvious that the ancestors of the native had temptations, but they passed them with honor. Now, the karmic task of the owner of the horoscope is to change social standards that limit people in terms of receiving fair wages, equality between the sexes, and legislative protection. Perhaps a person will have to act as a restructurer of society as a whole, choosing the profession of a politician, lawyer, journalist, teacher, scientist in order to influence global processes with the necessary advice and his activities in general.

The main problem of the trine Lilith – Saturn is the impostor syndrome. The peculiarity of the aspect is that the native is easily given everything on the topics of the affected houses. The distortion of the Black Moon makes a person think that it is a sin to take money or be proud of what is easily given, because Saturn suggests a reward for effort and work. That is why the owner of the aspect, so generously endowed by nature with managerial data, the ability to structure information and give clear forms to any creative chaos, whether it is writing texts, sculpture, drawing or organizing any processes, often remains on the sidelines. He does the lion’s share of the work for free and for gratitude, thinking that he did not deserve more.

In fact, the trine Lilith – Saturn is designed to free the ward from any restrictions in moving towards the goal, but this must be allowed to happen.

Trine Lilith – Saturn and relationships

This aspect has a social orientation, however, if it affects the 5th and 7th houses, it inevitably affects personal life.

Saturn in the 7th house forces the native to seek the ideal relationship. Perfectionism in love and friendship becomes his driving force and sticking point at the expense of Lilith. Such a position of the planet in itself gives a late marriage, and in a trine with the Black Moon it forces one to look for just the ideal image of a book hero, faithful, honest, fair, which naturally does not allow the native to quickly decide. No matter how good the other person is, it seems that there is even better. The same goes for business partnerships. The native is looking for reliable allies with a good reputation and will not settle for less.

Saturn in the 5th house encourages to cut off frivolous and cheerful people from the social circle. A person can voluntarily deprive himself of any entertainment, not go on dates, be a kind of retrograde, believing that parents should pick up a husband or wife. Sexually attractive people seem to be much older than the owner of the horoscope, and if Saturn also rules the 7th house, then it is obvious that the marriage partner will be of respectable age.

At the same time, thanks to the trine, the perseverance of a person is rewarded, a successful marriage is still possible, but rather late.

How to work out the trine Saturn – Lilith

The main problem is the idealization of all the themes of the house where Saturn stands. Man strives for perfection himself and demands it from others. You need to allow yourself and others to make mistakes, regarding this as a useful experience and points of growth, otherwise you can miss all the bonuses of the aspect for fear of not reaching the top bar. In addition, work cannot be ignored, even if everything floats into the hands.

The luck of the trine Saturn – Lilith can be saved only when a person works tirelessly from youth. Often the planet of karma generously endows wards from their 29-30 years old, and they make a mistake – they begin to rest on their laurels, believing that they have done everything they could, and now it’s harvest time. But Saturn does not tolerate idleness. You can become a wealthy and respected member of society, but with a trine with Lilith, you need to have a hobby, a business for the soul, a side job, but you can’t just spend money and do nothing else. Women with this aspect will not be able to be a housewife with all their desire.

An excellent talisman for optimizing the energy of the trine Saturn – Lilith will be smoky quartz.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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