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Trine Uranus – Lilith: masters of intuition

If you combine the energies of the pioneer and original Uranus with the unpredictable creativity and uniqueness of Lilith , it becomes clear that the native came into this world to create and be different from others.

This requires a certain courage, therefore, depending on the state of personal planets, someone will be a genius, boldly tearing off the cover of everyday life from ordinary things and creating something fundamentally new, and the other person will think a hundred times before he decides to present his original ideas and projects to people. . However, this will not change the essence of the native’s character: in his soul he is a creator, a scientist, an explorer of space and secret knowledge.

Opportunities and problems of the trine Lilith – Uranus

The main gift of the aspect is incredible intuition. A person is overshadowed by brilliant conjectures, as if the brain is illuminated by an idea that has come from above, and he begins to zealously translate it into reality. This gift makes his life much easier. A minute before the event, or even earlier, he already knows what will happen now, thanks to which he manages to avoid trouble.

However, there is a downside – the native does not look for easy ways. It is important for him to feel like an inventor. He cannot just write a report, make a project, make a presentation on the standard.

He needs to stand out, decorate, approach the matter with a twinkle and artistry, and most importantly, create something new. The trigon Uranus – Lilith is especially pronounced when the planet of originality is in the 1st, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th houses. A person often chooses an unusual profession for himself, which has never been in the family, or vice versa, repeats the path of an ancestor who was different from others. If a certain grandmother was a circus performer and traveled around the world, then her granddaughter with such an aspect will absolutely want a similar fate.

If Uranus affects the 2nd or 8th house, then a person will earn money in a very exotic way, for example, freelancing or through cryptocurrency, short-term projects, such as launching training courses on the Internet, including astrology.

The most interesting thing is that the owner of the Uranus-Lilith trigon really manages to earn a large amount of money at a time, and then travel and live for pleasure until the next need to replenish the wallet.

It is difficult for ordinary people to understand the lifestyle of a native, therefore, although he easily manages to create his own unique world and live as he likes, he is not immune from gossip and condemnation. Even creative individuals who not only shock others, but create something new and interesting, become a parable on their lips. If the Sun, Mercury and Venus are strong, then the native even likes it and he himself adds fuel to the fire.

If the 5th house is affected, then it can be lucky in gambling.

Trine Uranus – Lilith and relationships

Being an original and unique personality, the native is looking for a companion to match. He needs a person who is easy-going, creative and different from others.

If Uranus is in the 7th house, most likely, the owner of the aspect will marry abruptly and quickly, as soon as he falls in love, and under the influence of Lilith, he is still inclined to idealize his partner. However, when love enters a calm phase, the same Black Moon encourages him to see the shortcomings of his companion in a very exaggerated form. Breaks also occur sharply and quickly.

A woman with a trine Lilith – Uranus is always in the spotlight. She has unusual hobbies and an original profession. Even if her parents did not allow her to be self-willed, she will find a way to fulfill the need for speed, brightness and originality. Such women find themselves in astrology, electrical engineering, motorcycle racing, they can work on television and radio, and also successfully blog. They need either a standard-breaker who can skydive and climb Mount Everest with them, or a reliable businessman who provides the opportunity to live the way they like.

A man with a trine Lilith – Uranus leads an active lifestyle and will not tolerate any restrictions. If his wife begins to persuade him to work for hire from 9 to 6 pm, he will rather part with her than with freedom. However, he rarely sits without funds, because they allow him to be independent. Such a person successfully earns on investments and financial exchanges thanks to intuition. He is looking for a woman who is original and free from complexes in all areas.

How to work out trine Uranus – Lilith

You can not step on the throat of your song to please others. In their youth, many of the owners of the aspect try to be like everyone else, but this just makes them feel bad. They become nervous and irritable. As soon as a person separates from someone else’s opinion, he gains the freedom to be himself, and the trine begins to work in full force.

Any framework, on the contrary, blocks this energy. Naturally, this does not mean that you need to be a traveling artist, but the daily routine in a small office is not for the native either. The desire to break through the financial ceiling and create something new that will improve the lives of people on the planet is the driving force that lifts a person to the very stars.

The main thing is not to cross the line in this rebellion and not become a victim of your own revolutions. However, any dramatic events and stresses in personal life become a source of inspiration.

It is better for a native not to get into politics, and it is safest to destroy stereotypes in creativity.

A stone that helps to strengthen the energy of the trine Uranus – Lilith – fluorite of bright colors.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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